Top 10 Best Stargazing and Aurora Watching Places

Tell me who doesn’t like to just lay back and just gaze at the stars in the sky? As this is the closest we get to view nature from this digitalized world we have created for ourselves. We will be taking a good look at ten of the best location to watch the so beautiful night sky.

1.  Stewart Island, New Zealand


Stewart Island, New Zealand


Number one on this list is the Steward Island in New Zealand. The people of Maori in New Zealand have a specific name for the Island known as Rakiura which means Glowing Skies. The secluded setting of the Island lays a good foundation for viewing the sky. The fact that it is sparsely populated accounts for its lack of light pollution.

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2.  Tasmania




Despite the uninhabitable land to view the southern lights, the southern parts of the Tasamania Island provides an accessible substitute for viewing the dancing colors. The southern area of this Island is blessed with minimum artificial light and a clear weather often exposed to this great spectacle.

3.  Lofoten Islands, Norway


Lofoten Islands, Norway


The Loften Islands located in the Northern part of Norway situated within the Arctic Circle is best known for its viewing of magical display of colors. Now the con side of this magnificent Island is the stormy skies but on its pro side, it is greatly endowed with a comfortable temperature. One can never have enough of the ambience of the dancing hues of purple, yellow, red and green.

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4.  Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


Fairbanks, Alaska, USA


This can easily be described as the most dramatic phenomenon with the moving paintbrush strokes of different colors in the sky, known popularly as the Aurora. The electrically charged particles scattered in the sky accelerate along magnetic field lines into the atmosphere colliding with the gas atoms thereby causing the atoms to release energy in form of light. The sight provided here is one of a kind.

5.  Spiti Valley, India


Spiti Valley, India


The Spiti Valley in India, well situated in the remote Himalayan abyss lies the tiny and serene splendor of nature. Well protected from any possibility of light pollution, the open sky provides space for ample opportunities for star gazers. Viewing the milky way in this valley will make you wonder how vast the universe is.

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6.  Tenerife, Canary Island


Tenerife, Canary Island


The Tenerife, Canary Island is a sight to behold as the shooting stars are a common sight to behold here. This is an unpolluted island also recognized by the Dark Sky Preserves. This Island also hosts the bi-annual Starmus Festival.

7.  Atacama Desert, North Chile


Atacama Desert, North Chile


If you are a Stephen Hawking’s fan then you will definitely love the Atacama Desert in North Chile. Ever wonder about the history of time and the concept of watching stars that has been pronounced dead millions of years ago? If your answer happens to be yes then you have to take time to visit the Atacama Desert and take time to view this astro-land  and watch glittering galaxies several light years ago through a high powered telescope.

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8.  Namib Desert, Namibia


Namib Desert, Namibia


A typical African desert known for its harsh weather conditions making the land uninhabitable, but despite its harsh weather conditions, the Namib Desert in Namibia can still make you swoon over by its splendor once the sun sets. The absence of trees and the presence of artificial sentinels provide an unobstructed 360 degree view of the sky. Few people accommodate this desert ensuring the calm nature of the location. The experience shared by the visitors are that the stars there don’t twinkle but rather they shine there.

9.  Mauna Kea, Hawaii, U.S.A


Mauna Kea, Hawaii, U.S.A


This is an isolated island located in Mauna Kea, in Hawaii, USA. It is standing tall on top of the Pacific Ocean and it provides a perfect night sky cover. Without mincing words, this location can easily be described as a hub for astronomical watchdogs and possesses the most advanced astronomical observatory. This also happens to be the highest point of Hawaii. The locals residing here believes that their Gods reside in the summit of the active volcano.

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10.  Cherry Springs State Park, U.S.A


Cherry Springs State Park, U.S.A


There is a wide difference between the developing and the already developed world, the developing countries are waging a war against lack of electricity while the developed countries of the world are waging a war against ‘artificial light pollution’. This war led to the foundation of the ‘dark sky reserve’ zones. Cherry Springs Parks is one of such area. The night sky in this location boasts of 10,000 stars that are visible to the human eye. One of the great thing about this location is the fact that the Milky Way is so bright here and can so cast a shadow.