Top 10 Birds with Strange Defenses

1.  Killdeer




This is one bird that got its game all tightened up, it knows when and why it needs to pull up some nice defensive plan, as you would know that if you must survive you need to have a great skill that would keep you together for a while, look at this Killdeer trick where it breaks its wings and creates a distress call when they is a predator, the predator then would flee thinking that there is a bigger predator around.

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2.  Pygmy Owl




This bird when in its small stage can be very vulnerable and in the case it finds itself they are prone to create ways of survival and this is by mobbing, although its eyes are really scary the bird is also as scared, here is what they do at that stage they make two large spots on the back of their head and that way it looks like they have got other eye at the back making the predator very scared of launching an attack.

3.  Potoo




You can say it again out loud that this creature are not good looking, not even the slightest bit of it. They are known as the ghost birds as their eyes are placed in a funny way it is difficult to predict. The bird feeds on creatures like insects, bats, and birds. They are always camouflaging on tree branches and act dead and motionless till they get what they want.

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4.  Hooded Pitohui




The Hooded Pitohui is one bird that feeds on beetles and has a deep poison which it uses to defend itself from predators and this is what has kept the bird for a long while. They also rub their poisons on their eggs in other words they use that to keep it safe from predators and that way it is free from been trapped. This bird has a great and fascinating defense mechanism.

5.  Fulmar




They are infamous for their foul odor, I don’t think anyone would like to be next to something that doesn’t have a good odor, that is why the bird is free to fly free around but despite that it still has a way of going around its affairs. The eggs and adults of Fulmar are highly dangerous for their preys, their poor sense of smell, but weird lifestyles lead them to defend themselves from the attackers.

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6.  Hoopoe




The Israel bird is highly famous they have highly effective and powerful defensive techniques, this is why they can move with ease know fully well that they have got something that could serve as a backup plan to them when the time comes, this is one reason why I love the bird. They have a gland around the anus, when it has a predator nearby it rubs it on its feather and move around.

7.  Burrowing Owl




They are animals that live in colonies and can dig their own burrows or live in abandoned ones. They may prove vulnerable for the predators most times, whenever there is a threat nearby they produce a hissing sound that is very much unpleasing to the ear, this way their partner would be away of the signal and protect the caller. This is a nice way to go.

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8.  Eurasian Cuckoo




This is one bird that is not scared of its predator and they have a way of keeping them out for a long time, they lay eggs in other birds nest, the hatched chicks are then destroyed by the host eggs and chicks  the eliminate the competitor they have a nice way of staying together, in other words they protect themselves by living in groups and making strong colonies.

9.  Hoatzin




They are protected by leaping into the water, their young is a great diver and swimmer that way they are not scared of their young been unprotected, the bird feeds on leaves and digest them with bacterial fermentation which gives it a stench.

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10.  African White Masked Owl




When confronted by a predator they do what other Owls do, they puff themselves and hiss that way they look bigger.