Top 10 Bizarre Alcoholic Shots

1.  Liquid Steak




This is seen a one of the worse shot ever, it is believed that the taste is terrible, and less appealing to making, as the case maybe I don’t think I would advise any one I know to take this at any point in your life. It has a total of 50% rum in it mixed with other ingredients that makes it the way it is. It is Hilarious how people would go into a store and request for this.


2.  Prairie Fire




It would be nice when you are celebrating a party and want to surprise a friend for the first time, get him this and you would get the worse response ever, look at this from the bright side there are people that would do anything just to get this, but since I love you so much I would say you should get this only when you are planning an epic prank on someone.

3.  Alligator Sperm




You might be amazed at the name but the truth is, the taste could be more interesting to you if only you would have the mind to taste it, looking at this for the first time till date you would know that you can actually get angry over nothing once you take this. Just a little thought, can a vegetarian take this in and still be called a vegetarian? Well that is up to you to decide.

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4.  Bloody Tampon




The total mixture of vodka and tomato sauce I cannot even imagine what that would taste like, not to speak of purchasing this, sometimes I ask myself what the inventors of such mixtures were thinking when they came up with this and sincerely nothing really pops-up asides from the fact that they really need to watch them closely, they just might have something going on in their head.

5.  Hot Mexican Hooker




I don’t even like the name of this drink, first the name is a total turnoff and the content is where we have got a greater problem, it is nasty and spicy. It is made up of 2/3 tequilla and 1/3 tabasco sauce which makes this more supid, it contains other elements of juice but you don’t want to know those contents I am certain about that. This is not made for everyone as you are most likely to throw up if you are a newbie.

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6.  Cement Mixer




This is one drink that is not so bad but has its own side effects if you know what I am talking about, the drink is a total combination of the Irish cream and Lime Juice. It would be cool if you could stand the way it feels in your mouth, asides from that it is alright in other aspects, at least it doesn’t have that stink to it unlike the others that you have read about before now. I would like you to try this and leave me a comment.

7.  Horse Jizz




There is nothing to do with the horse jizz and we all know that but the thing about this is that you would be drinking the semen of the horse, if you are up for it then no problem, it is a combination of beer and milk which of both are 50% equal as you may know it. The drink itself doesn’t look bad but the combination is as worse as can be. If you drinker and you can stand this then you surely have just made my day.

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8.  Infected Whitbread




I don’t think I like talking about this but it is my duty to do so, this drink is a no no for me, the combinations are wrong, who adds vodka and bloody Mary with a mix of some cottage cheese to a drink? Well whoever the person is, he needs to checkmate his self and redefine his existence because this drink is not worth putting out to the public, it should be within your family.

9.  The Eggermeister




You may have seen couple of options listed above and you would be thinking this is bad but wait until you have an insight of this, at lease the others are drinkable right? This drink is the biggest joke of all time; just buy it for the laugh and nothing else.

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10.  Smokers Alcoholic Shots




It is not an option for anyone at any point in time.