Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects

1.  Davecat and Sidore


Davecat and Sidore


Abyss Creations is into manufacturing of dolls and when Davecat actually paid a whopping USD5500 to the doll creator to produce his wife, Abyss knew they were in business to impress and when the delivery finally arrived, Davecat fell in love with Sidore the doll. Davecat and Sidore who are now married live together and share strong romantic relationship together according to the husband.

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2.  Amy Wolfe and 1001 Nachts


Amy Wolfe and 1001 Nachts


At age thirteen, Amy Wolfe who is now a church organist hailing from Pennsylvania had found herself in love with the amusement park ride (1001 Nachts) which can be found in Knoebels Amusement Park. However, after about a total number of three thousand crazy rides, Amy finally arrived at a  certain point which she found that she almost couldn’t live without having her ride and she sometimes sleeps in it.

3.  Hermione Way and Alex


Hermione Way and Alex


In January 31, 2010, Hermione Way from Europe announced she was getting married everyone must have been glad until they realized who the groom was: it was Alex, her Mac Book Pro which she named herself. Hermione a blogger of made things more complicated and unbelievable when she says that this wedding to Alex her Mac Book Pro has changed her life completely.

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4.  Lee and Fate


Lee and Fate


A South Korea citizen, Lee Jin-gyu actually confirms that he so much loves an image of Fate Testarossa. Yes, if you knew the anime series Mahou Shoujo then you probably would remember Fate the magical girl in the series. Lee finally got married to his pillow which had a bridal-like cover from their wedding picture.

5.  Caligula and Incitatus


Caligula and Incitatus


Caligula was one of the twelve Caesars featured in Suetonius’s Lives of the Twelve Caesars. While Caligula was one a Caesar, he actually had a special love for his horse named Incitatus. According to historical records, Caligula loved his horse (though not in a sexual manner) so much that he made sure Incitatus had a life only befitting for royalty. According to Suetonius’s Lives of the Twelve Caesars, Incitatus stable was made of marble, he had an ivory for manger, the horse also uses purple blankets (the imperial color), and he had a collar made of precious stones as well as eighteen servants to tend him. When Caligula’s most loved horse went hungry, he had oats mixed and gold flake for food. Caligula so much loved his horse that he cared also about his emotional needs that he got him a wife, Penelope a mere.

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6.  Eija Riitta Berliner-Mauer


Eija Riitta Berliner-Mauer


Eija Riitta declared she fell in love with the Berlin wall the very first time the Swedish lady saw it on television and at that time, even though she was only seven years old, she nurtured the feelings and while Eija grew up , she finally felt ‘why not get married to the Berlin Wall? And that’s exactly what she did. She added the name Berliner-Mauer to her surname after marrying the wall. Berliner-Mauer however, literally means Berlin Wall.

7.  Edward Smith and Machines


Edward Smith and Machines


When you hear the name Edward Smith it should remind you of what a ‘mecaphile’ could mean. Edward is discovered to be an addict with machines. The 45years olds enjoys sexual relationship with his machines and he actually does make love with his various cars and this is including Mustangs. Whatever machines Edward just finds in sight he makes love with. Woo, that seems like a tough one.

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8.  Duaveed and Clara


Duaveed and Clara


On our number eight for this list is Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole, well yes, Duaveed is an American, but we aren’t sure where Clara is from. Why? Because she is a mannequin! Man, the wedding was for real and yes, Duaveed is proud to take Clara everywhere and I mean anywhere.

9.  Val Theroux and the Oak Tree


Val Theroux and the Oak tree


You almost won’t believe it if you heard that a human being was having a serious relationship (platonic or romantic) with a tree but hey, Val Theroux, a Canadian woman visits England just to meet her friend (an oak tree). The 64 year old retired nurse had declared she had an affair with the certain oak tree which she loves to spend time with and can be found in the New Forest, Hampshire.

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10.  Bill Rifka and his iBook


Bill Rifka and his iBook


It’s very possible that when Bill Rifka a 35-years old man declared love for his iBook laptop he must have seem crazy or abnormal to many of his loved ones. But the truth remains that Bill actually likes the iBook like a friend. According to Bill, the iBook is a male and their relationship has been in existing for a couple of years.