Top 10 Bollywood Stars Who Went to Jail for Crimes

It is extremely dishonorable to say that the wrongdoing scene had a vital connection up with Bollywood industry,in most cases these stars have should have been charged.With confusing charges like rape,forgery,poaching and illicit ownership of arms,On the premise of the wrongdoing, the performing artists had got rebuffed. Some of them went to imprison. Here is a list of top 10 bollywood stars who went to jail for crimes.




Sanjay Dutt went to prison more than once ,he has been the subject of exchange following the time when the Incomparable Court sentenced the on-screen character to serve a correctional facility term of five years. The performing artist was included in the illicit ownership of arms. Dutt was reserved under Terrorist and Troublesome Exercises Act (TADA) and had as of now served year and a half in prison. Despite the fact that he was absolved under the TADA offences.The performer is said to have shrouded arms and explosives on the command of Abu Salem, an individual from Dawood Ibrahim, in 1993. In the following one month, Dutt will need to surrender and this choice by the Incomparable Court has sent Bollywood into a turmoil.

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Salman Khan had more than one whines documented against him in court.During the shooting of a motion picture in Jodhpur, Khan alongside co on-screen characters were blamed for slaughtering two jeopardized chinkaras and two dark bucks.Salman is additionally confronting charges for murdering a 28 year old man and harming others amid an attempt at manslaughter case in 2002 and was sentenced to 5 years correctional facility term.


saif ali khan


Saif went to eatery with wife and wife’s sister and started a quarrel a kid in the restaurant,as an aftereffect of the battle Saif broke the kid’s nose.He got captured on the premise of proclamations by eyewitnesses.He was likewise one of the co blamed performers alongside Salman Khan operating at a profit buck poaching case. Saif alongside his co performing artists has been reserved for shooting the secured creature in a town near Jodhpur.

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shaini ahuja


Shiney Ahuja had a terrible notoriety because of the body of evidence recorded against him by his cleaning specialist. Shiney had been denounced for professedly assaulting his house keeper in his flat. Yet, the on-screen character who at first denied these cases, at last admitted to his shocking wrongdoing. According to therapeutic reports, there were wounds on the house keeper’s private parts.He was sentenced to imprison for 7 years.As of now, the on-screen character has not been permitted to stay in Mumbai and keeps on being unemployed.


john abraham


John Abraham a model who turned performing artist was being reserved and detained for rash driving,he was blamed for hitting two individuals with his bicycle. In an episode that occurred in 2006, the on-screen character was taken into care after a body of evidence was recorded against him for rash and careless driving. The on-screen character however got out on safeguard. Unordinary for somebody as cautious as Abraham!

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shahrukh khan


More than the badshah of Bollywood,Khan is by all accounts the badshah of discussions which appear to be perpetual. A year ago in 2012, Shahrukh Khan had a tiff with the Maharashtra Cricket Affiliation authorities where he blamed them for abusing his kids. The MCA authorities then again blamed Khan for taking part in a smashed fight with them. Shahrukh’s children were available at the stadium to watch an IPL match between their father’s group Kolkota Knight Riders and the Mumbai Indians. After KKR won, everybody was overjoyed. Yet, the rush of triumph soon transformed into a bad dream when Khan got into a battle with the officials.He has been banned from the stadium for a long time.




Bollywood executive Madhur Bhandarkar, who is known for his reasonable movies, was blamed by wanna be starlet Preeti Jain for assaulting her. Preeti had attempted her hand at Bollywood, to be specific in a film titled Bikaao Marked down before she met Bhandarkar. The on-screen character blamed him for assaulting her 16 times on the affection of promising her a film. In any case, every one of these charges were squashed and following nine years of battle, Bhandarkar inhaled a moan of help as the court set him free.

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Monica bedi


Monica Bedi was impractically included with feared underworld wear Abu Salem who was needed for his association in the 1993 Mumbai bomb impacts. Bedi was captured alongside her sweetheart when the two attempted to enter Portugal with produced reports. In the wake of serving her prison term there, Bedi alongside Salem was expelled to India in 2005. While Bedi was denounced under a few charges, her correctional facility term was decreased as she had served term in Portugal. While Salem keeps on being in jail.Monica has begun returning in TVs from 2013.




Govinda was charged for slapping a guest Santosh Rai while the last was going by the on-screen character’s set in 2008 while he was shooting for Cash Hai to Nectar Hai. Govinda was irate when Rai got out of hand with artistes on sets and the ladies present there. Rai recorded a body of evidence against the performing artist and he was reserved under the Indian Correctional Code (IPC) including Segment 323 (Discipline for intentionally bringing on hurt), 352 (Discipline for attack or criminal compel generally than on grave incitement) and 506 (Discipline for criminal intimidation). Govinda has not confessed and it stays to be checked whether the procedures turn out for the on-screen character.

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Salman khan


While Salman Khan stayed missing from the Jodhpur courts operating at a profit buck listening to case, his co-star Tabu couldn’t keep away from it. Tabu has been blamed alongside Sonali Bendre, Neelam, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan for executing two dark bucks in 1998 in a town close Jodhpur. Alongside the others, Tabu has been reserved under areas 9/51 and 9/52 of the Natural life security Act and 149 of IPC.