Top 10 Brampton Attractions


If you’re planning a trip to Brampton anytime soon or even if you live in the area, there are plenty of attractions and sights to keep you busy while you enjoy this fair city within Ontario, Canada. Below you’ll find a list of the top 10 attractions to see and visit while you’re in Brampton.

1. Gage Park

Gage Park


Gage Park is one of the nicest places to visit in Brampton with its gorgeous gazebo where many events are held throughout the year. The lights are simply amazing as you take in the holiday season, should you be in town during the Christmas season. You can also enjoy the wonderful skating rink nearby, ice skating with the lights above you and the cool air around you. You’ll like the family atmosphere of this park as you enjoy other activities including parades, movie nights, and other activities.

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2. Rose Theatre Brampton

Rose Theatre Brampton


If you like live theatre with an intimate setting, you won’t want to miss your chance to enjoy both at the Rose Theatre in Brampton. The sights and sounds of the performances provide you with a few hours of entertainment with great acoustics and comfortable seating. The customer service is also one of the friendliest you’ll find anywhere. You definitely fit in a performance on one of your nights in Brampton.

3. Heart Lake Conservation Area

Heart Lake Conservation Area


If you love being surrounded by nature, you’ll definitely want to spend some time walking or just sitting within the Heart Lake Conservation Area where you can enjoy all the sights and sounds that this area has to offer with beautiful wildlife and plant life. If you enjoy being on the water, you can also spend a lazy afternoon out on the water on a boat or fishing. You won’t find a more relaxing place to be.

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4. Meadowvale Cemetery

Meadowvale Cemetery


If you’re a genealogist or just curious about ancestry and those that have left us, the Meadowvale Cemetery is a great place to visit. There’s the Korean War Memorial that shows all of the countrymen who’ve served during this time period, paying your respects to them. It also offers a number of gardens to enjoy while you’re here, brimming with beauty and elegance as you walk the paths through the plots searching out potential ancestors.

5. Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archive (PAMA)

Peel Art Gallery Museum & Archive (PAMA)


The PAMA is a great place to visit on your own or with your family if you’d like to see both the modern paintings available and the history of the town. You can enjoy the historic courthouse to gain a true sense of the town’s history. For the kids, there are plenty of displays that will appeal to them and their imaginations. The PAMA is a great way to spend a morning soaking in some history and art before you move on to the next item of your itinerary.

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6. Pearson Convention Center

Pearson Convention Center


The convention center is a great place to hold events if you’re looking to avoid other crowded areas within the greater Toronto area. It hosts several events throughout the year, such as bridal shows and craft shows. These types of events are great for anxious brides-to-be or those looking for some great crafts to add to their homes. You won’t find yourself bored or underwhelmed should you decide to have your own event at the Pearson Convention Center.

7. Historic Bovaird House

Historic Bovaird House


The historic house is a great way to see living history in action. You can travel back to the days of hundred years ago to see what life was like. There are several brunches and gatherings available throughout the year, including Mother’s Day tea and others within the tea room. Since you’re going back in time, you’ll want to beware of cold or hot days since there isn’t any heating or air conditioning. Planning ahead will help you enjoy this historic house without overheating or freezing.

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8. Paul’s United Church

Paul’s United Church


Whether you’re wanting to attend services or just like to visit different churches for their history and beauty, you won’t find one better in Brampton than the St. Paul’s United Church. It offers its guests some of the most beautiful stained glass windows, a finely-tuned pipe organ, and even a handcrafted wooden staircase. You can enjoy the Sunday morning sermon or visit one of its own many activities such as the Remembrance Day concert. You won’t want to miss this church for any reason while you’re in Brampton.

9. 747 Flea Market

747 Flea Market


Who doesn’t love shopping when they are traveling? Well, the best place to find some great finds and souvenirs of your time in Brampton is at the 747 Flea Market. With tons of shops to visit, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your shopping list as you buy each of them something while you’re in here. While the crowds can be a little overwhelming to some, the atmosphere and cleanliness are superb for those in search of a great deal on some awesome stuff. You can find cosmetics, DVDs, and even a place to eat to re-energized yourself for more shopping. A great place to make a day out of exploring all of the shops available to you.

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10. Brampton City Hall

Brampton City Hall


Here’s another building you’ll want to visit if you love history or just want to see the town working from its very center. The Brampton City Hall building hosts all sorts of events from evening functions to musicals, even business functions. You can enjoy the historic architecture of the building while also taking care of any town business you may have or enjoy one of the functions being offered within its walls or next to it during one of the town’s farmer’s markets.

Within Brampton, you’ll find that there are plenty of attractions to keep you busy as you spend a few days, a few weeks, or even a few years within the city limits. It’s definitely a town with a charm all its own.