Top 10 Burlington Attractions


Burlington is one of the best places to visit when you’re in the greater Toronto area with plenty to attract you to the many sights and sounds. In fact, here’s a list of the top ten attractions you’ll find while you’re in Burlington. There’s sure to be something to appeal to everyone.

1. Burlington Waterfront Trail

Burlington Waterfront Trail


There’s nothing better than being close to the water and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you come to the Burlington Waterfront Trail. You can spend a few hours to the whole day, enjoying activities like walking, biking, and even rollerblading along the trail. As you’re traveling the trail, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to shop, eat, and play for you and your family. You’ll love the time you spend here as a family or even on your own.

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2. Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy


If you’re in the mood to try something new and unique, you’ll love your time at Exit Strategy. You’ll find it’s great for all ages as you work through a bunch of challenges that you’ll need to complete within certain timeframes. You can band together with the group, as friends or coworkers, so you can each survive the puzzles and mazes you’ll need to get out in time. You’ll have so much that you’ll want to go back for more before you leave Burlington.

3. Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys


If you find yourself with a rainy day and the kids are going a little stir crazy being cooped up in the hotel, you’ll find that the best place to let them stretch their legs is Little Monkeys. Not only is there an indoor playground for them to expend any excess energy, they can enjoy arcades and other interactive games. They ensure the kids are safe and secure while on the premises so parents breathe easy as they allow their children to have some fun in a great environment catered to children.

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4. Drury Lane Theatre

Drury Lane Theatre


When you’re in the mood for some live performances, you should get yourself over to the Drury Lane Theatre. You’ll find that the performances live up to the hype that you’re sure to hear from others who love the theatre. The atmosphere is cozy and intimate as you sit in one of the 150 cabaret-like setup and watch one of the many performances they offer throughout the year. You can watch the show as you enjoy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage with a free basket of chips.

5. Sante Day Spa & Boutique

Sante Day Spa & Boutique


A day of pampering and beauty is a great way to unwind from all the hustle and bustle as you wander all over Burlington. You can take in a manicure, pedicure, or even a much needed massage. You can enjoy all types of treatments from facials to full body. You’ll feel like a whole new you as you enjoy the pampering and the special welcome you’ll receive from the owner of the spa. It’s definitely worthwhile to check out when you have some free time during your visit.

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6. Walkers Chocolates

Walkers Chocolates1


If you find yourself in need of some great chocolate but don’t want just any kind of chocolate, you need to head on down to Walkers Chocolates where they have the best flavors in town. This is the place to go where you’ll find a fine selection of every kind of chocolate combination you could want within the Burlington area. You just never know what new flavors you’ll want to try the next time you stop in and make yourself up a box.

7. Mapleview Shopping Centre

Mapleview Shopping Centre


When you’re in the mood for shopping, you’ll find that the Mapleview Shopping Centre offers a variety of stores and food stuffs to eat as you spend the day, getting the items you need for your stay in Burlington as well as get a few things for your loved ones. You just can’t imagine all the stores you’ll come across as you walk down past all the shops and the food court. You can find some unique stores along with other staple stores you’d expect to find in a mall. You’re sure to find something for everyone.

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8. Ireland House Museum

Ireland House Museum1


Much like other historical places you can find throughout many areas, this museum is great for showing off the history of the town with special events during the holidays. You can find many volunteers in clothing right for the period along with food being served from that same timeframe. You can enjoy the many workshops the museum hosts and other great activities throughout the year. You can enjoy the guided tour that’s offered by those working for the museum.

9. Joseph Brant Museum

Joseph Brant Museum


While the Ireland House is a great option to visit while in Burlington, you don’t want to miss the option as you enjoy this small, but well-displayed museum. The Joseph Brant houses some of the best displays for era-based items, including clothes and dolls. You’ll love the feel of the Victorian home as you explore all of its little oddities. You even have two floors within this home full of treasures from the past generations as they change out the displays and keep them interesting for new viewers.

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10. Climber’s Rock

Climber’s Rock


If you enjoy rock climbing or have wanted to try it, you’ll find this is the right place to go to test out your skills. They have all sorts of options from free climbing as you work way over boulders and cliff face climbing with ropes assisting you. You can find the one just right for you based on your experience level as they clearly labeled each type of climb based on its degree of difficulty. You may find yourself not wanting to leave when the time comes.

With each of these attractions, you’ll find yourself and your time just zooming as you make your way from one to the next during your stay in Burlington. You may find yourself planning your next trip so you can check out even more.