Top 10 Camping Pranks That Bring a Lot of Fun Outdoors

1.  Head Trick


Head Trick


you would be amazed how easy this is when you try it, I am sure you never knew that in groups people are unconsciously responsive to actions carried out by other people, for instance, have you ever being in a group and tried scratching your head? If you actually did you would understand that others reciprocated one way or the other, this is done because the human mind is programed to function so.

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2.  Sounds




I love this about people, they are prompted to react even before they check what really is happening, looking at this new trick would thrill you, have you ever tried acting like a particular animal at any time? Of course, I have tried it a couple of times with my siblings in the hoods, but there is the fun part. When you pre-record sounds and add some ambience to it just to make it feel natural, if played in a dark place in the wild. You friends would be scared thinking it is actually a real animal of nature. I love using the bear sound personally, you could try something else.

3.  Have the Weight Lifted


Have the Weight Lifted


This is a nice prank to practice when you want to slow down the team in camp, probably you are in a different team and you have been placed in a competition, you just might have to consider this for a little bit. Get yourself a nice considerable amount of rocks and of course don’t make it obvious, place them in your competitor’s bag and ensure they are evenly distributed to make the impact more believable.

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4.  Lock Out




I never had a better laugh than this with my campers, whilst they slept I place couple of paper along the zip to firmly seal the zip and make it impossible for them to come out by the morning, what I loved the most was the fact that I was the only one outside the tent to have the greater laugh, but just after the laugh I got a nice beating of my life when they finally got out. You should definitely try this whilst you are out.

5.  Toy Trick




As much as the camp could be fun, no one is willing to get bitten by any animal of any kind, imagine you have to get some rubber toys which you should know must include that of the snake, and strategically place them at those places that your friends have placed their stuff, like their bags, food, snacks and all. The reaction you would get from them would be extremely epic.

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6.  Animal Droppings




This is definitely not the coolest thing to do in camp but it sure can add some spice to the camping experience. All you have to do is get yourself stinking for a little bit, you would need to have an actual animal dropping close by and then place your hands on it, and you can make it more fun by chasing campers with it. Don’t tell me you feel this is disgusting.

7.  Bird Fight




I know for certain that ladies are not really friendly with birds left alone when they are fighting, your lady or camp buddy could practically do anything to get that away from her as best as she can. Have you got a nice lady in mind and she isn’t giving you some of her time? Well, get you a fake bird prank of them fighting and but her in between.

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8.  Fire in the Hole




I love the reaction from this trick in particular, especially when you have got important information to pass across and no one is listening, this is just one way to get some attention. Light your crackers up and place it in the midst of your friends or campers, at the explosion tell me your result.

9.  Fish Trick




Remember the hours spent at the seaside with some camping friends of ours, most times we would like to pull a fast one on them, so we have to ensure that we do it right. Get your fishing tools and get your mindset for this newly found prank when your friends are not taking a watch on you, act as though you have caught a big fish and it is difficult to pull out so you ask for help.

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10.  Blind Them




Get a nice amount of light placed in a strategic location, deep into the night whilst everyone is at sleep. Give create a loud alert and turn on the lights directly on their face.