Top 10 Celebrities that killed their Partners

We’re all fascinated with celebrities. The glamour of the super-star lifestyle seems to strike a chord with many of us. We’re less open about our interest in murderers; their grisly crimes appeal to our morbid curiosity.

Occasionally these two categories meet. There are times where famous people have been in the spotlight for a much more twisted and chilling reason; killing their partners. Here are ten stars-turned-slaughterers that murdered their other halves.

1.  Sid Vicious




Once a famous musician, member of the punk rock band Sex Pistols Sid Vicious was arrested and charged in October 1978 for the murder of his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, who was found dead of a stab wound, apparently following a lengthy argument with Vicious. He overdosed on heroin before his crime could be proven in court.

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2.  Michael Jace


Michael Jace


In 2014, Michael Jace, well-known for his role as an LAPD officer on the FX drama The Shield, called the police stating that he had shot his own wife. She was found dead in their home, and Jace confessed fully to the murder. He remains in jail to this day.

3.  Robert Blake


Robert Blake


Robert Blake, longtime television and movie actor, was arrested in 2001 over the death of his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley. His wife had apparently been shot in the head outside of a restaurant that he took her to. Several associates of his claimed he attempted to have them kill her for him, and though he was acquitted, was found liable for her death in a civil court case.

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4.  Rae Carruth


Rae Carruth


NFL player Rae Carruth had a promising career in the Carolina Panthers as a wide receiver in 1999. However, that all changed in November of 1999, when he helped an associate of his block the car of the mother of his unborn child and aided in her murder; she was shot four times by Carruth’s associate. While the mother died, his child survived, and Carruth was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. To this day he sits in jail, expected to be released in 2018.

5.  Gig Young


Gig Young


In October of 1978, just three weeks after his wedding to his fifth wife, Kim Schmidt, Academy Award actor Gig Young was found dead at his home, along with his wife. Police theorised that Young had shot his wife before turning the gun on himself in a gruesome murder-suicide case.


6.  OJ Simpson


OJ Simpson


OJ Simpson had a number of talents — acting, broadcasting, football, and apparently even murder. In a highly publicised trial, he was convicted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Despite a history of abuse, he was acquitted of their murders, though many still believe that he is responsible for the killings.

7.  Brynn Hartman


Brynn Hartman


Phil Hartman, best known for his SNL acting and voice roles in The Simpsons as Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz, was murdered by his wife, Brynn Hartman, herself a model, following a heated argument in which Hartman threatened to leave his wife if she started taking drugs again, something that had caused tension between the two in the past. Brynn shot her husband three times before driving to a friend’s house to confess. She later committed suicide before police could arrest her.

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8.  Chris Benoit


Chris Benoit


The case of professional wrestler Chris Benoit is an especially haunting one. The two-time world champion murdered his wife, Nancy Benoit, strangling her with a noose after binding her limbs. He then drugged his seven-year old son and strangled him before hanging himself to death. Some believe that concussions he sustained over the years contributed to his crime.

9.  Spade Cooley


Spade Cooley


Spade Cooley, western swing musician and big band leader, brutally murdered his wife in front of their child, following her asking for a divorce. He reportedly slammed her head against the floor, stomped on her stomach and burned her with a lit cigarette. He was indicted, convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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10.  Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius


Oscar Pistorius, world-famous paralympic and olympic athlete, was convicted of culpable homicide after shooting his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, several times in their home. Pistorius claimed he mistook his girlfriend for an intruder, but was nonetheless convicted.