Top 10 Celebrities who Invented Interesting Things

Innovations are something that help solve specific challenges in our society. Throughout time man has made many innovations and discoveries. The advancements in the last decade are thanks to the internet and without the invention of the internet, you would not be here today reading this article. Just like any other innovation, internet also has its good and bad.

Being a celebrity is no easy task. Innovating things require a lot of wit and determination. It also requires lot of time, something which celebs don’t tend to have because of their busy schedules which include attending events, performing photo shoots, making a song or coming up with an innovative idea to make the next box office hit.

Here is a list of Top 10 celebrities who invented interesting things:

1.  James Cameron


James Cameron


James Cameron is known for his Sci-fi thriller movies like the Terminator and the ever famous Titanic; sci-fi inspired him to build an underwater dolly which could even hold a camera. He build this to simplify filming underwater.

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2.  Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson


The bold and beloved Jackson is also known as the King of Pop. He invented things on the music set which helped him improve his experience on the set. The King of Pop performs a crazy lean stunt in one of his famous songs called Smooth Criminal. The stage had to be redesigned completely in order to perform the 45 degree lean. His method was too clever. The stage had a few depressions in which his specially designed shoes would fit. So together, the shoe and the stage act as a lock and key mechanism. The shoes were also fit with magnets to ensure reinforcement. He didn’t devise the contraption all by himself but his contributions played an important role in its development.

3.  Mark Twain


Mark Twain


Mark Twain is one of the most knowledgeable celebrities to live. Besides being a famous author, he is also a big bibliophile and an avid surfer. He spends his summer weeks in Hawaii surfing. He has made many tiny innovations which helped his life, none of his innovations made it to the public. He made a few board games, scrapbooks and also designed recyclable clothes! He was definitely a man way ahead of his time.

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4.  Steven Spielberg


Steven Spielberg


This master film maker is huge in the film industry, his movies includes Jaws and the world renowned Jurassic Park. He made a patent that made food trucks more efficient. He also had a partner who did research with him to help him improve the already existing design.

5.  George Lucas


George Lucas


If you love Star Wars, you sure recognize this guy, George owns multiple patent on various of designs and hold a well reputed position in the film industry. He invented the Boba Fett action figure which is now collected by many Star Wars fans worldwide!

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6.  Julie Newmar


Julie Newmar


Most people know her as the gorgeous cat woman but Julie is also a dress designer and an inventor. She designed her own costume for her movies, her latex creations were more breathable and comfortable to wear compared to the already existing latex products.

7.  Steve McQueen


Steve McQueen


The king of cool, McQueen was a huge motor head. He spent hours working on improving his huge car collection. He owned a patent which contained the design of an improved bucket seat. But the patent didn’t gain much attention because his design was not very feasible to implement.

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8.  Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis


The stunning Hollywood actress Jamie has played lead roles in films like True Lies and Halloween. She authored a book which explained the body of a young child and also owned a patent for a pair of diapers that contain waterproof material to prevent the spilling of urine outside the diaper.

9.  Lawrence Welk


Lawrence Well


The popular musician and talk show host loved innovating things also. He designed and ash tray which could attach itself to his accordion shaped lunch box!

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10.  Marlon Brando


Marlon Brando


He is a well known drummer at his time and has also invented methods to tune the drum’s notes so that they sound perfect. His invention later went on to become the digital drum tuner we use nowadays.