Top 10 Countries With The Most Slaves Per Capita

1.  Slavery In India


Slavery in India


The country coming in at number one for the highest amount of modern slavery is India. Everything and anything is used for slavery in India which includes the sex trade, forced child marriage and child labour which accounts for nearly half of the population trade in the world.

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2.  Slavery In Pakistan


Slavery in Pakistan


The country of Pakistan has an astonishing number of slaves at number 2 in the world. In Pakistan slavery is called bonded labor which the Asian Development Bank estimates nearly 2.1 million people are a victim too. Many people of Pakistan move to other countries where fraud happens through labour agencies that hold passports and won’t pay the wages that are owed.

3.  Slavery In Haiti


Slavery in Haiti


The Caribbean nation of Haiti takes one of the top spots at number three. The major issue with Haiti is the enslavement of children. Due to the lack of social services, an extremely high poverty rate and something called “restavek” where poor kids from the rural areas around the cities are sent to work for wealthier families in the city. The number of slaves has reached almost 209,000 people.

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4.  Slavery In Mauritania


Slavery in Mauritania


The West African nation of Mauritania ranks number four for slavery in our modern society. With an insane number of the population at over 20 percent of the people enslaved through Chattel slavery which means that the slavery was passed down from generation to generation.

5.  Slavery In Nepal


Brick Factory, Nepal


The country of Nepal fixes in at position number 5 in the world for slavery. With an estimated 259,000 locals enslaved into labour trades and also into prostitution for local use and exporting to other countries. With very poor economics, ramped corruption and gender inequality, slavery in this modern age has taken hold heavily since then end of Nepal’s civil war in 2006.

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6.  Slavery In Moldova


Slavery in Moldova


The country of Moldova sees the number 6 spot globally for having modern slaves with an alarming 33,000 people forced into slavery. Moldova has become a source country for modern slaves exporting humans like common goods as their product. Many people of Moldova have beencaptured by other nearby countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus and even as far as the United States. Many of these slaves have even been used for organ harvesting.

7.  Slavery In Benin


Slavery in Benin


The country of Benin has also fallen prey to the slave industry at number 7 worldwide. With a nearly 80,000 estimated slaves of Benin 50% of them being children falling victim to prostitution according to the International Organisation for Migration. Many young women and children are forced into sex trades, domestic servitude and heavy labour intensive jobs such as on cashew plantations and picking cotton.

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8.  Slavery In Ivory Coast


Slavery in Ivory Coast


The country of Ivory Coast is our next slavery ridden location on the world map coming in at the number 8 spot for slavery in the world. Yet again the sickness that is child slavery falls victim to this country with many young girls and children forced into the sex trade against their will. Many of the children have also been planted into many of the construction, agricultural, mining, fishing and street vendors including shoe shining.

9.  Slavery In Gambia


Slavery in Gambia


The country of Gambia comes in at the number 9 spot for slavery in the world. Many of the slaves of Gambia are forced into begging for food, money and clothes from local and foreign people passing by on the streets daily. Many of the slaves are forced into becoming domestic servants as well heavily into prostitution which include young children for the tourists. This commercial sexual exploitation includes many orphans and children living on the streets totalling nearly 60,000 children.

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10.  Slavery In Gabon


Slavery in Gabon


The country of Gabon holds the number 10 spot for slavery in the world. The total number of slaves is truly unknown but many say it is like El Dorado with many child slaves. This heavy destination country is also a transit country as well. Many people of various age groups are forced into slavery. Many boys and girls are the main source of slavery through domestic servants, massive amounts of manual labour that is dangerous and intensive and unfortunately they are also forced into the sex trade as well. With many of these situations coming by way of forced marriages including young children in this horrific statistic.