Top 10 Crazy Pranks to Pull on Your Brother

1.  Shoe Trick




Just get your hands on some nice tissue, either the facial or any other, place it in the shoe and then push it’s tight. This way the person would feel like the shoe is smaller over night or his leg has grown way bigger than the previous day, it is a nice trick to get your brother wondering on various things. This is safe and highly recommended when at home.

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2.  Milk Trick




This is for all lovers of milk by the morning or at night, when you are at that point you can easily prank your brother, with a little bit of nice food coloring, place it in your milk jar, that is for those who actually don’t have the transparent jar. If you have the transparent jar this is not recommended for you. When he opens it up to make his cereals by the morning he would be stunned, this is absolutely harmless.

3.  Use the Toilet




There is something about people who rush to the toilet for some dump; it could either be too late or too early whichever way they tend not to take note of the environment. Get a nice wrap and place on the seat, close the lid of the toilet and then sit on it for a while, afterward leave the place leaving the lid down, your brother might just be in a big mess when the sits. Ensure you have space to run.

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4.  Color Blue




Whilst in the kitchen you can easily loosen the faucet and add some coloring, cover it and wait for the person that would fall victim of this situation. It is going to be a nice laugh when the person acts all surprised and all. Don’t just do that alone, get others to try this with their friends and you would be amazed at the outcome. You could change the color to orange which would eventually look like the tap has some rust.

5.  Late Call




Just as so many children are accustomed to school after a period of time; it is the same with people who work from time to time. You can get your brother screaming by the morning when he thinks he is late for work or school, on a Saturday night when you know he just might be tired, give him a loud scream reminding him of been late for work, you would love the way he reacts but before you try this, know his temperament.

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6.  Breakfast Prank




Get this done for only mature brothers or fathers, it would be unnoticed but yet nice, go and get a nice quantity of the food and serve everyone in the house but when it comes to your brother slash in half and act as though it is normal, you would enjoy the way he would complain about this, you sure want to do this when your mom is there to back you up.

7.  Bubble Bath




You know how you want to get in the bathroom and have nice bath overtime, with a lot of bubbles over your face and all, well get you a nice nail polish and use it around the soap, put this until the end. When he comes in to use the soap he would scrub for hours and yet get no bubble. I love the way this makes my brother feel every time lol, I just can’t get enough of this, he got this funny face on.

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8.  Tv Time




I like it when I got my phone connected to the television and no one is aware, at the point of watching that favorite program on screen I would reduce the volume from my room and laugh out loud like I have got a movie on screen, when they have got the television on their favorite sport I would turn it off at the point where they are about to score, the day my brother caught me he almost killed me lol!

9.  Damage It






When you have got your brother obsessed by his phone or something, wait till he walks to the bathroom then just pick that thing he loves and place a tape around it, when he sees this on his screen he would think you broke it just wait for his reaction and if positive well that would be cool but if it is negative you could play around it a little then tell him it is a prank.

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10.  Snoopers




When you have a brother that loves going through your stuff and you don’t like it, you can get a nice trick on them, place a contagious ailment pill.