Top 10 Creepiest Cemeteries in the wоrld

1.  Old Jewish Cemetery, Prаguе


Old Jewish Cemetery, Prаguе


The Old Jewish Cemetery is the biggest cemetery in Europe with historic monuments in Prague. It is not the first cemetery in Plague, with its predecessor known as “Jewish Garden” around the New Town of Plague. This cemetery suffered a shortage of space over the years, due to the laws of the state Piety and respect for the dead does not allow the Jews abolish old graves.

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2.  Pere Lachaise Paris, France


Père-Lachaise — Paris, France


This is the first garden cemetery and also a memorial ground for world war 1, it is closed located at the Boulevard de menilmontant.In this cemetery is where Oscar Wilde was buried, making it a tourist attraction to many all over the world. The name was gotten from the confessor to Louis XIV, Pere Francois de la chaise(1624-1709). It was first opened in 1804 may 21, the first person who was buried there was a little girl who was Adelaide Paillard de Villeneuve, she happens to be the daughter of a door bell boy. Till date the cemetery is still in operation and accepting burials.

3.  La Rесоlеtа, Buеnоѕ Airеѕ


La Rесоlеtа, Buеnоѕ Airеѕ


In this cemetery is where the president of Argentina was buried, as well as the noble prize winners and the founder of the Argentina Navy, not forgetting the daughter of Napoleon. La Recoleta is built around the convent and a church, the site contains 4691 vaults all of which are above the ground, where 91 has been declared monuments for National History, the entrance is through the neo classical gates with tall columns. It contains marble graves with decorated statues in styles like Art Deco, Baroque and Neo – Gothic.

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4.  Vаllеу оf thе Kingѕ, Cаirо, Egypt


Vаllеу оf thе Kingѕ, Cаirо, Egypt


Just as the name Valley of the Kings it has lasted for over 500years and was created for Pharaohs and powerful people of what is called the new kingdom, closely located at the west side of the Nile opposite Thebes. It consist of other two valleys which are West and East valleys each valley is known to contain approximately 63 tombs and chambers. It is a burial place for many notable figures of the Royal New Kingdom as well as privileged nobles. Its royal tombs are decorated with scenes from what is popularly called Egyptian mythology and gives to the beliefs and funeral rituals of the period. Many of which has been robbed and the antiques taken away for its high worth in value, this is then taken and sold over time to the highest bidder, still they give an idea of opulence and power of Pharaohs.

The area is has been a focus of arch archeological and the Egyptological exploration since the end of the eighteenth century, and till researchers are still interested in the mystery in the tombs and that has been a major interest for many.

5.  Xoxocotlan Oaxaca, Mexico


Xoxocotlan Oaxaca, Mexico


Xoxocotlan – Oaxaca, Mexico has amazing facts around its history, the 31st of every year individuals carry out vigils to mourn and celebrate their dead and this day is called Saints day which is specifically set to host thousands of people around the city, the beauty about this place happens to be that after the days of the celebration they tend to use coloured sand as to depict the twelve passion of the Christ. It is most significant for celebrations like “Witch Tuesday and Day of the Dead”.

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6.  Mоunt оf Olivеѕ, Jеruѕаlеm


Mоunt оf Olivеѕ, Jеruѕаlеm


This is a Jewish cemetery which has been in existence for over 3000 years and holds over 150,000 graves making it the tradition. Most key events took place on the mount of Olive of which include that of the life of Jesus as it relates to those in the Gospel. It is known as the place in which Jesus ascended into heaven.

7.  Lone fir Cemetery


Lone fir Cemetery


Located at the southeast section of Poland in the United States Of America it is owned and maintained by metro, where Henry S. Rowe the mayor of Poland was buried, alongside other notable leaders.

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8.  Hunt Cemetery


Hunt Cemetery


Hunts Cemetery dates back as 1800’s and it is said that a young girl was accused of witchcraft and was buried next to a tree close to a lonely graveyard. On the grave was written “whoever passed her grave shall die as she did” and till date so many stories have been heard.

9.  Mеrrу Graveyard


Mеrrу Graveyard


Located in Romania the Merry Graveyard is found filled with humorous gravestones.

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10.  HighGate Cemetery


HighGate Cemetery


It is said that the finest funerary architectures can be found in this cemetery, it is opened every day except from holidays like boxing day and Christmas. At the east side of this cemetery is where Karl Maxx was buried and making it another tourist attraction.