Top 10 Creepy Abandoned Hotels

1.  Ryugyong Hotel North Korea


Ryugyong Hotel North Korea


On our number one list is what would have been a magnificent view on both inside and outside, a pyramidal skyscraper consisting of one hundred and five floors. The Ryugyong Hotel is located in the heart of North Korean capital was planned for commissioning for 1989 since its construction commenced in the year 1987. Construction was on a standstill in 1992, on the dissolution of the Soviet Union (the primary provider of raw materials and logistics for the building project). In 2008, an Egyptian group commenced an attempted finishing. the North Korean government though once announced conclusion by 2012, there are series of failed scheduled for the opening of hotel which continuously resulted only in anew rescheduled time, the three thousand rooms, one hundred and five floors and three hundred meter high edifice remains empty till the hour of writing this article .

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2.  Haludovo Palace Hotel -Croatia


Haludovo Palace Hotel -Croatia


Also in Croatia, Haludovo Palace Hotel opened in 1972 has an amazing story with just one year opening; the forty five million dollar estimated building went absolutely bankrupt. The building which is located on the island of Krk once had grand investors including Bob Guccione (founder of penthouse magazine) is now a shadow of its former self, now nothing but ruins of a previously enormous project.

3.  Grand Hotel Kupari -Croatia


Grand Hotel Kupari -Croatia


Formerly a grand vacation spot for senior officers Located in the Dubrovnik Riviera, the village of Kupari was a great vacation area for Yugoslav army’s senior officers, The Grand Hotel specially boast of a private beach access and became unbelievably famous between the 60-70s though built in the 20s tourism exploration gave the building renowned fame so much that it caused erection of new hotels around its suburban environment. In the year 1990 however during the Civil War of Independence, the grand hotel kupari was amongst ransacked hotels of the time resulting in permanent desertion with no reopening in view except bullet holes which remain visible on its once beautiful walls.

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4.  The White Pines-United States


The White Pines -United States


In the year 1892 the white pines was erected on an area measuring about 12 000 hectares, the building which was purposed for the accommodation of Jewish-German travelers was bought by a feminine movement the ILGWU (International Ladies ‘Garment Workers’ Union), a trade union mainly run by women, renovated and developed as a meeting assembly for members of the labor movement. In the year 1990, the building became abandoned as a result of financial lack.

5.  Diplomat Hotel-Philippines


Diplomat Hotel -Philippines


Now known as one of the constantly haunted places in Baguio City in the Philippines, the Diplomat Hotel was grandly opened in 1915 by the Dominican order purposely as holiday home (Dominican Hill).

Occupied during World War II by Japanese refugees, bombed and was later rebuilt partially in 1947, the thirty three roomed hotels became abandoned on the death of Tony Agpaoa who was the owner.

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6.  Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel-United States


Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel -United States


In the 60s, Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel was undeniably popular with a top notch Location (Catskill Mountains in upstate New York), the large hotel complex had nearly fifteen thousand people (these includes stars and political personalities of the said time) recorded to have had various holidays spent in it. The closure of the extensively huge complex with over thirty five buildings on a landed property measuring approximately five square kilometers happened in 1986 after the latest owner of the hotel was unable to reopen it due to financial incapacitations.

7.  Hotel Polissya-Ukraine


Hotel Polissya -Ukraine


In the Ghost town of Pripyat sits one of the highest buildings in Ukraine. This building was erected in mid 1970s purposely to shelter visitors, guests and delegates who are on a visit to the Chernobyl Power Plant it was however unfortunate that the Hotel Polissya became abandoned in April 1986 following the nuclear accident at the plant. As you read this, this once great edifice is currently is half-ruined threatening a collapse.

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8.  Intercontinental Hotel Ponce (Puerto Rico)


Intercontinental Hotel Ponce (Puerto Rico)


The sudden closure of the intercontinental hotel ponce in Puerto Rico after opening only for fifteen years remains an unknown mystical knot yet untied till date. The twenty hectares property which sits on a hill overlooking the city of Ponce, boasted of once lively ballroom, a cocktail bar, a restaurant as well as standard outdoor pool.

9.  El Hotel Del Salto-Colombia


El Hotel Del Salto -Colombia


Formerly a private resident, this 1923 built mansion later wore a transformation into an eight story hotel in 1950. In 1900, it was saddened after a series of incident occurred consecutively around the hotel that it became abandoned, the happening includes a polluted river close to the building amidst various suicides recorded to have happened from the top of the hotel itself.

Although now a biodiversity museum so to speak, its past residents were said to have conclusively believe that the building had tormented spirit of suicide haunting it.

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10.  Ducor Palace Hotel-Liberia


Ducor Palace Hotel -Liberia


History holds it that Ducor Palace hotel also known as Ducor hotel or Ducor Palace (interchangeably) was once regarded as the most luxurious 5 star resort in Monrovia, Liberia.

The hotel building which was established in 1960 as a luxury hotel was designed in such a way that it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, the Saint Paul River as well as the Monrovia’s West district. Seated honorably on the Ducor Hill, the hotel once boasted of beautiful rooms numbering up to one hundred and six through the eight stories at the apex of the city. The building has since fallen into an absolute horrible condition following the extensive disrepair caused to it by desertion after it was formerly occupied by squatters (after been closed in the 80s) who were later removed before a damaged effort at a renovation funded by Libyan govt.