Top 10 Creepy Places That Can Just Give You Chills

1.  Candido Godoi




This is a place in Brazil and it has it history in holding the highest rate of twins around the world, in as much as they have tried to make this work so many people believe the story while others are still speculating, in some sense the theories have been simple and calculated over the years, now they have pushed further to their scientific claims which not is absolutely true at the time.

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2.  Xochimilco




Have you ever thought of having to visit a place and the pain you had just goes away and is replaced with fear, over here they call it the island of dolls, in some places we know it has the island of broken dolls. They are collectors of dolls which aren’t needed and then placed in weird strategic places to beautify the environment, but this doesn’t do the work as it keeps the chills all over your body.

3.  Mo’Ynoq




I love the look of this, it makes me feel pitiful about how it ended up but no, am not pitiful. Sometimes even as humans we try to predict what happens in the future but we fail to acknowledge the fact that there is a God who is all knowing, and that’s is how this sea got dried up over the years and every ship therein came to a halt, it is now regarded as the grave of the ships, leaving children to play around it.

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4.  Jatinga




When you take a look at this place it looks very nice but it’s not about the outside, I would love you to understand that things are not the same, every year they are thousands of birds who never make it through within a stipulated period, so this place is mainly known for that. Despite they have a little history on the military.

5.  The Overtoun Bridge




If you can see the side of the bride they is something like blood all over that’s not all, they have also been a number of recorded suicides carried out on the bridge and that is so sad, we all would think that is all about that but take a look at the story line of dogs also which have been found dead counts over 60, this cannot be a coincidence of any kind.

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6.  Beelitz Military Hospital




Back in Germany they have their own stories or tales to tell to the rest of the world. Just from the sound of the name you can tell that Adolf Hitler had hands in it, your guess is as good as mine, he was treated here on several occasions during the World War I, after that period it was cared for but over the years they tend have left it, we believe that the walking dead could be found there due to the kind of people that where there.

7.  Chernobyl Amusement Park




At first we thought that it was all about the story and you know ways of keeping things in check but the truth remains that the disaster that took place here cannot be unsaid. It’s one of the most devastating events in world history, so sad that it had to happen but we cannot tell the future even if we try.

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8.  Domes of Arizona




You have to take a good sight on this one and you would definitely know that it is not an error creation, it looks alienated and abandoned, today it is used as a place to dump refuge, most children take time out to draw on it and even carry out some weird things around it. This structure has been placed there for decades and doesn’t look like someone is coming to claim it soonest.

9.  Abandoned Laboratory




Over at a place in Russia there is a lab which was used to carry out so many activities which includes brain bisection and other animals, but at a time they had to shut it down and that is the only way to get raid of what existed.

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10.  British Sea Forts




They have been so much to say about the World War II and within this period was when the British created this sea forts for emergency but after the war was over they left it all out and today it is not in use. This is really rusty.