Top 10 Disturbing Photographs Telling Tales Of Disaster

1.  Kosovo




Photographer Carol Guzy, In this case, alot of refugees have tried and failed at getting back to their family, this is one image that is really outstanding as it left the journalist which a prize for such a credible picture. The image shows the child who is so innocent and young been passed through a barbed wire, when you see the face of this child you would be glad that he was able to get back to his parents who we believe would take care of them.

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2.  War Underfoot




Just as it is, the war is never over. The image of a man walking on bullets after the war was over. This image was taken by Los Angeles time’s photographer Carolyn Cole. This event took place in Liberia, it shows the effect of civil war and clearly shows the reason why war is always uncalled for, but when the need arise everyone is a soldier and should be seen as one. The town has more stories as it was based on the fight between the government soldiers and the rebels.

3.  Thailand Neil




There is something we get to miss out on when it comes to pictures and the likes, this is one thing that youths have really left behind and causing the images we create today to lose its value. That been said, pictures are made for memories and that way they should be taken at the point of need just like we can see in Thailand where NEAL ULEVICH won a prize in the year 1977 the prize was on the series of photographs and brutality he captured on the streets.

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4.  After the Storm




At the incident back in 2008, Haiti had its name all over the news and in the hearts of millions of people round the world, some of which sent in their prayers others send in assistance by forms of gifts. In all these happenings there was just one photographer that give us something to see, he is the Miami Herald photographer Patrick Farrell who has indeed given the world a glimpse of how Haiti was and the situation report as at the time of action.

5.  The Power of A Woman




Photographer: Oded Balilty, In as much as it may be a thing of shame in their own tribe and tradition, this is just of the reasons a lot of people would appreciate her for the effort she made to keeping her people safe, I am talking about the woman who stood against the Israel community and by various means protected her people, the images shows that she was not only standing for the rights of others but also for the future of what was going to be taken away from them if she hadn’t, this is remarkable and unique.

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6.  9/11




As much as we want to run away from this, the truth remains that it actually happened and there is no coming back from that, this place had taken so many lives due to the incident. Although this was in no way foreseen and as a result it couldn’t have been stopped. Guess what really? Someone was brave enough to preserve the history of this amazing building and the incident that took place, he is called Steve Ludlum the man with outstanding photos.

7.  After the Tsunami




In India they have add couple of Tsunami but of all there is one that is remarkable, this is taken by Kathy Ryan a picture editor with the New York times.

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8.  Bhopal Gas Tragedy




Pablo Bartholomew  he is the Indian Photojournalist who captured the moments of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and this is why most people appreciate living right today.

9.  Operation Lion Heart




Deanne Fitzmaurice won the award for the most respected image taken, this captioned as operation Lion Heart. The boy was brought to a hospital in Oakland where he had to undergo various heart surgeries.

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10.  Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez



Frank Fourier took a picture of this tragic event of a boy who was trapped in the mud and later died while he was there but the memory.