Top 10 Durham Attractions


When you come to Durham in Ontario, you’ll find that the area offers plenty of things for you to do and see as you stay within some of the best lodgings and enjoy some of the best foods within the region. You may find yourself never wanting to leave the area when the time comes for your vacation or visit to end. Here is a list of the top ten attractions to get you excited about your time in Durham.

1. McGowan Falls

McGowan Falls


If you’ve ever wanted to see some of the best waterfalls without having a number of tourists also crowding around, you’ll love the McGowan Falls. You can make a whole day of it with some swimming, a picnic, and even a playground for your young ones to play. You can use the rocks to jump into the water, an activity to keep your children busy for hours as they play within the water. You can also enjoy some great hiking trails while you’re here.

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2. Durham Art Gallery

Durham Art Gallery


While you may be in a small town, you won’t find yourself missing out on any great art when you visit the art gallery here. You’ll find that there is a small and a large gallery where you can visit traditional paintings as well as visit showings of new pieces. You’ll find that there’s something for every art lover within this gallery that will make for a fun afternoon or evening as you explore all the paintings and masterpieces available here.

3. Durham Conservation Area

Durham Conservation Area


The greatest aspect of the Durham area is all the great nature and trails you can travel, taking it all in. The same can be said about the Durham Conservation Area where you’ll find some great places to walk the trails, sit and enjoy a picnic, go swimming, and even camp for those more adventurous. You can find yourself spending your time fishing on the water or swimming. You can find peace while on your own or with your family, even your pets are welcome.

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4. Wilmer Trout Ponds

Wilmer Trout Ponds


For some of the best bonding time you can find for you and your little ones, you won’t find a better place than Wilmer Trout Ponds. You can teach them how to fish and spend some quality time with them or you can come on your own so you can spend find some downtime for yourself. While the cost can get a little expensive once you’ve rented your fishing pole and pay for the fish you’ve caught, but the time and experience is worth the expense you may incur while you’re here.

5. Forest Edge Bed and Breakfast

Forest Edge Bed and Breakfast


You just won’t find a better place to stay than the Forest Edge where you can enjoy the accommodations that are provided by the proprietors. They are some of the most welcoming and accepting of all people, who come to the bed and breakfast for their time in Durham. You can tour the gardens they keep or walk into the heart of Durham while maintaining the seclusion you’ll find with this bed and breakfast. The food is made just like you would expect from your grandparents though the cook will also work with any food allergies and diets to ensure that guests are more than happy with their meals.

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6. James Gun Inn

James Gun Inn


Another great place you might looking into spending your nights is this inn. Set just like other bed and breakfasts with the proprietors just as accommodating as the ones you’d find at the Forest Edge. You’ll love the home where you’ll be staying as its history is an extensive one. It was actually built before Canada’s Confederation (1867) with its build date actually in 1865. Situated in the downtown area of Durham, you’ll love how quiet it is so you can be the best night’s sleep. The food is all homemade from local farmers and markets. It’s definitely an inn you should consider when visiting Durham.

7. Clearstone Lodge

Clearstone Lodge


If the other two aren’t what you’re wanting, then you should consider staying at the Clearstone Lodge. You’ll find that this lodge is a great bed and breakfast for those interested in staying in an old farmhouse from the early 1900s. You’ll love the distance from town and the solitude you’ll find here. Once used as a number of things, including an elk ranch, this is a great place to stay the night if you’re wanting to enjoy some hunting and hiking while you’re in the Durham area.

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8. Country Corner Eatery

Country Corner Eatery


Wherever you’re staying in Durham, you got to eat somewhere. Why not try the Country Corner Eatery where you can enjoy some great customer service and food? You’ll find that you get more than enough food for the money you spend while here. You can enjoy any number of great menu items, including the traditional comfort foods that we all love to eat wherever we may be. You can also partake of a nice cider while you wait for your meal to arrive.

9. Rowan Moon Bistro

Rowan Moon Bistro


This is a great place to go for some of the best foods you have yet to experience within the Durham area. While the menu list may be small, the dishes aren’t. You’ll find each and every one of them full of flavor and cooked to perfection. While you enjoy one of the menu’s options, you can also find yourself enjoying the atmosphere, perfect for a first date or your hundredth one. You won’t ever get enough of eating here.

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10. Riverside Fish and Chips

Riverside Fish and Chips


When you’re just in the mood for some good old fish and chips, you won’t find a better place to stop than Riverside where you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere. You also don’t want to miss the fantastic ice cream they offer as you dine here. You can even enjoy your dessert as you walk along the nearby bridge and gaze into the water.

You’ll love your time in Durham as you partake of great food, great lodging, and fun things to do.