Top 10 Elusive Lost Treasures

If there is one thing that people want in life it is a treasure. Now when most people think of treasure they think of things like gold or money. However people vary on what they see as Treasure or not. However some treasures can never be found. As we go over the 10 most Elusive lost treasures, you will see how that some people will never find treasure.

1.  The Lost Treasures of Oak Island


The Lost Treasures of Oak Island


Oak Island is a pretty small island on reaching about 1.5km in length and is only 1 kilometer wide. It is located on the east coast of the Canadian shore, right next to Mahoney bay. The island is not known for its wealth, but it is believed that the island is cursed and it will claim many adventures and their possessions.

In 1795, it is said that a woodcutter once found the uninhabited island while traveling. While on this island he found a artificial hole and some scraps of rope around a tree. After seeing this, he grabbed his two friends and they began to dig the hole even deeper. They have reached nine meters deep in the hole and found artificial chambers, but there was yet to be anything in it. For centuries afterwards, people would begin the search for the legendary treasure, however there has yet to be anyone successful in finding it.

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2.  Treasure of the Nibelungs


The treasure of the Nibelungs


The treasure of the Nibelungs is the most famous lost treasure in Germany’s history. This treasure is a major part of Nibelungs history. The treasure is said to belong to Hagen, who is the man who murdered the legendary hero, Siegfried. Because of this, Hagen wanted to keep it hidden, especially from the vengeful Kriemhild. He was supposed to carry the treasure to shore, however it was swept away, and the treasure was never seen again.

3.  The Coco Island


The Coco Island


This island is located in Costal Rica, within the Cocos Islands. The Coco island is also known as Isla del Coco, and is one of the most famous treasure islands in the world. In fact, the cocos islands served as a pattern for classical stories like “Treasure Island”.

The lost treasure of Coco Island is the treasure of  the infamous pirate Edward Davis. At the end of his life, Edward Davis hid his treasure there and died. Nobody knows what happened to him.


4.  The Treasure of Ohlstadt


The Treasure of Ohlstadt


There was once a famous knight known as the Knight of Weichs. He once lived in a castle, and in this castle was his treasure. One day however, there was a fight between Ohlstadt and  Augsburg. While having to defend his castle, the knight decided to hide his treasure in a secluded area and sent the treasure away on 15 mules. The treasure is hidden well, and is very hard to find.

5.  The treasure of the “Sea Devil” Graf Felix von Luckner


The treasure of the “Sea Devil” Graf Felix von Luckner


During his career, Graf Felix von Luckner was known as the Sea Devil. At the age of 16, Graf Felix von Luckner was made into a employe on a russian vessel. His career grew from there.  He acquired certificate of the navigator in 1903 and was promoted to captain of his vessel in 1910.

His treasure is considered a legend by some, and in sweden there is a treasure map in a museum that shows where the treasure is located.

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6.  The Treasure of the Knights of Templar


The Treasure of the Knights of Templar


The groups of kinghts, the Kinghts of Templar were founded at the time of the Crusades. It  was very wealthy and influential. However the group was eventually forced to leave and go to Jerusalem.  They would move to France, however, they were punished for it and dis empowered by King Philip in 1307. Because of this, they hid their treasure in Paris, just to make sure that the king at the time would not get his hands on it. They hid the treasure well, as no one can find even where it is located.

7.  The Gold Reef Harold Lasseter


The Gold Reef Harold Lasseter


There are countless speculations and rumors prevail about the location of the mysterious gold reef. In 1897, Harold Lasseter traveled to Australia in order to seek a fortune in the Opalsuche. However, while there he had no luck what so ever. After his long time failure, he decided to return home. However the treasure is allusive enough for some to say the treasure doesn’t even exist, due to the Harold Lasseter being a conman.


8.  The Lost Gold of the Nazis


The Lost Gold of the Nazis


The Nazi’s once had treasure of their own. However with them losing the war they had to hide the treasure, so they threw it to the bottom of the lake. When the lake was found, people have tried to find the treasure. However, the only things found were anything but treasure.

9.  The treasures of Klaus Stortebeker


The treasures of Klaus Stortebeker


Stortebeker was born  on the island of Rugen and was a  North German Pirate. With his legendary vessel “Red Devil”, he would teach the people about hanseatic fear.  During his carrer, he would gather a lot of gold and other treasures. However when it was lost only some of it was recovered. The treasure is said to be hidden in Jasmund National Park.

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10.  The Ursuline treasure


The Ursuline treasure


In the French city of Le Mans, there was an Ursuline convent. Once supposed to be a prision, this building was made into a church. Due to the fact they were being expelled, the nuns of the church decided to give the treasure to the militia. Years later the church would burn down. It is said that the treasure was left in what was the churches garden.