Top 10 Facts About Disney Theme Park Princesses and Characters

1.  Character Selection 


Character Selection


This is one of the most tasking periods for the company, as a lot of entries is been created over time, the process is strict and this could only be because of the fact that they are always looking out for the best individual for the role. Well if I was a lady I would ensure I get that role cause the fame and money is just something to look out for. Lol

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2.  Workshop




We all might think it is really easy processing the characters acts and all things in that nature but when you take a closer look you would notice that the selection process was just one easy part compared to what you have to face during the training. Every princess is expected to put on a fur and carry out their role properly to produce maximum results, after so much done they are allowed to carry out their role and take off the fur, this way they can congratulate other members who have made it through the stages.

3.  Gender Classes


Gender Classes


When we think about making out the best scene, then we must understand that their are no differentiation in Disney roles, be you a man or a woman, boy or girl you are expected to know how to carry out the task of the other gender, this is really important to making it through in the training, all these are very tough but to attain the best results you have to get right people.

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4.  Your Style




As a great actor or character you must have something that sets you apart and this is one thing Disney is really known for over the years, looking at their Mickey and friends, linking to other acts they have something significant about their, it’s either a phrase or a pose, some others call it your sync style. This is really mandatory for all characters.

5.  Actors Selection




This is another way of crapping out some individuals who cannot match up to the contest, in as much as this sounds easy you must know that it is also very complicated, they is a special team set to screen this group. Here you must play the role of the characters, talk like them the best way possible, in this quest you must note that if your character is not needed then you would not be selected.

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6.  Rumors About Character Selection




Looking at the challenges faced by the actors most of them who weren’t selected come out saying so many wrong things about the production company, most of which includes their looks, and size. You must know that Disney does not speak of those things, their answers are so precise, it’s either you are in or you are out. So don’t think you would be sent away for the way you look, if you can play your role well then you are good to go.

7.  The Meet




I love the fact that not a lot of princess gets the time out to come around their animal characters. But over at Disney most times they do come out and meet with their fans as we know them, at this time you are free to take pictures with your personal best. This is remarkable for so many that are given the opportunity.

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8.  Singing is Prohibited




If you ask me I would say there is totally nothing wrong with having the amazing beauties do their thing, but as the case maybe you did not ask, so I would leave it to the creators of the act to do the judging, well you need to know that as  an actor you are not allowed to sing at the park and all of those other places, this is just one thing you have to adhere to in other to stay in the game, I know it may sound too harsh but I did not make the rules. Have fun.

9.  Outfits Are Essential




In as much as you would love to agree, the question of if they should or should not up on the costume is not up to you, as an actor you are asked to wear the heavy costume regardless of the fact that it may be very inconvenient, you signed up for it.

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10.  The Abuse


The Abuse


I love been a character if only I had a chance, but when we take a closer look we understand that they have their own fights, well one of which would be the fact that they are mostly molested and abused by those who they tend to act the play for. My advice would be simple, just run away.