Top 10 Famous Non-Human Astronauts

1.  Cats




Look at this lucky cat who was an astronaut, he is referred to as Felix, he is the first cat to be in space. 1963 October, Felix was launched into space in the Veronique AGI rocket. He went and came back in one piece. Who would have believed that this is possible? Well guys here you go, Felix made it to space and back with fear of any kind. Wake up to greater heights and refuse fear.

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2.  Spiders




I never thought that spiders could make it to space, hmm would you say that they could breathe comfortably? Well, the truth is they actually did go to space and returned back, they are referred to as the garden spiders, with the name of Anita and Arabella, the researchers wanted to know how spaceflights affected their power to build webs. The results were absolutely correct and positive. Finally, now we know that spiders cannot make webs in every kind of atmosphere but basically most places.

3.  Turtles




The turtles were one of the first animals to get into space as we found out in our research. It most has been weird getting two slow animals on board the Zond 5 space rocket, their aim was to get them to deep space. It would surprise you to know that the turtles made it back in one piece but had a little glitch which was their drastic weight loss. Have you ever wondered what it would be like being in the moon and back? Well, you should take some advice from these amazing turtles.

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4.  Monkey




In 1961 the Ham was regarded as the first chimp to go to the moon,  it is not popular for traveling to space missions of any kind but have finally proved a point that Hams also can be a project material for you. In the same year the Ham was appointed to orbit the earth, and till date, this creature happens to be the first chimp to do that, unlike other animals which have been used to get around space on different occasions. Get you a little ham and you would know what it feels like to be in space.

5.  Dogs




Dogs have their history with a man as the only friend to man, although today we see that other animals have finally come out. Not leaving the life of Laika as it is known, this is the first dog to have fly into space and it also has the history of being the first living thing to have orbited the earth. It is sad to know that she flew for a couple of hours but died due to the pressure from heat.

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6.  Fish




Would you have guessed that fish would get to space? I wouldn’t have said that would be possible but the facts show us that it is possible. Due to their nature to survive in the extreme condition the mummichog fish was sent into space in 1973 in the spacecraft known as Skylab 3.

7.  Frog




I have always known that there is something special about this animal, but now it has finally been proven that frogs too can make it not only in extremely hot water but also outside the earth. In 1970 NASA sent two bullfrogs into space, this research was carried out to find out how they can survive in the weightless atmosphere. The research got the answers right but the frogs were not recovered as they died in the process.

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8.  Newts




Do you know that it is faster to regenerate limbs in space for the Newts? This is a popular research carried out, and it was beautiful.

9.  Guinea Pig


Guinea Pig


It is known that animals have a great effect on humans; in this case, there is no difference. The first set of guinea pig to invade space was sent in 1961, March 9, in the Soviet Spuntnik spacecraft.

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10.  Mice      




After several try and error to sending Mice to space, a group of expertise came up with a new idea. They chose to send Hector the rat, the journey to space was successful and Hector is the only rat to have gone to the moon.