Top 10 Famous People Who Died of ALS

1.  Lou Gehrig




He is known as the Iron Horse, over the years he has played baseball for his country in 1920 and 1930s this created room for him to accomplish so many task leaving him with the title which he is most popular for in the game of baseball. He had a record of over 23 grand slam home runs in a role till date but at some point in his career he was faced with the drop that changed everything, he was struck with the ALS, which increased daily till he couldn’t talk.

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2.  Professor Stephen Hawking


Professor Stephen Hawking


When we speak about the changers of the laws, then you would be talking about the man who conducted the theory that governs the universe. In his case he came to release he discovered that Einstein Theory about that is relatively implied space and time was confirmed to be true and could have been the beginning of what we know as the Big Bang. He also spoke about his illness and he replied saying that he doesn’t feel he has the illness quiet a lot of times.

3.  Mao Zedong




The leader of the People’s Republic of China from when it was established till he passed away he lead with so much pride and has a history of wining the Chinese Civil War. He was a military leader, and till date he is regarded as one of the most important figures in the world. He dead of the ALS just before his passing he was taken away from where people are and months after he passed.

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4.  Lead Belly




He was an American folk and blue musician, he is known for his great vocals and his talent on the guitar. He played 12 strings instrument and was popular for this. Huddie William Ledbetter lived from January 1888 till December 6th 1949, he also played the piano, harmonica, violin and one of the most popular songs he sang John Hardy, and he performed on his accordion instead of the guitar. During his European tour he took ill.

5.  Charles Mingus




The American Jazz bassist is one of the best of all time player, he has a lining of playing other instruments which he derives much joy doing, he takes out time to appreciate every individual who has a significant event to take on, he would play to make you feel the sound in every string of instrument that he handles. He was also suffering from the ALS disease, this created a glitch in his performance as a bassist.

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6.  Ezzard Charles




He was the one of the professional boxers and has a root in the American soil, he lived knowing how to best keep the sport as part of his top most priority. He was born in July 7 1921, so many years of history and yet this illness known as ALS still has been catching up with various individuals this is just one that has taken away our great talent and stolen many more from the world.

7.  George Yardley


George Yardley


George is the first player in the NBA to score 2000 points in just a season, this is a great record and just would take a lot for another person to take over the record in a long while. He broke the record of George Mikan who had 1932 point record. He worked for the military for over two years just before he settled down and retired finally from the NBA in 1960 he picked up another skill which was engineering.

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8.  David Niven




The award winning star who acted in the movie “A matter of Life and Death” and the “Pink Panther” he also served in the military.

9.  Lane Smith




He is just an amazing actor who has played the role of Perry White in a well-loved series Lois and Clark; this was as a result of the Adventure of Superman. He also went on to star in the movie The Final Days.

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10.  Jacob Koppel Javits




He was born on 18 May, 1904 in New York city, and he was the senator from New York.  He was diagnosed with ALS  and died on 7 March, 1986.