Top 10 Famous People with Strange Phobia

1.  Matt Damon


Matt Damon


The amazing actor one that has taken his carrier most seriously and taken key roles when it comes to the screams, this is why it may be difficult to believe that he has his flaws and fears, you would be surprised to know that he is scared of reptiles, well I am. He has taken this to another level, while on screen it looks like it is an act but the truth is, Matt Damon is not on a play role when it comes to those creatures.

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2.  Jennifer Love Hewitt




This is one woman who has indeed taken things into her own hands with the fear that she has in her heart, body and soul. She has taken this further and its eating into her bones, she has a phobia for elevators I know that this isn’t weird to many other people out there. If you look closely you would understand why she is scared of this things, well life first and that is just one policy she would always stick by.

3.  Britney Spear




How I love this woman you just cannot imagine, I think I could have some crush on her for a while, the truth is I actually do have a lot of that which the actress. If you think seeing her wrapped in reptiles skin makes her sexy, then you must know this about her, Britney is a lover of the skins but not the original version of them, if you have got to scare the life out of her, you should get her one of those.

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4.  Matthew McConaughey




I look when he keeps the action going, he makes the act look mysterious but the facts are he would run from any door which would turn around. The media has made us believe that he is a strong man and we can call him when we are in need of anything, the truth states that, if you have a building with revolving doors be sure to note that he is definitely not coming to save you.

5.  Kelly Osbourne




Beautiful as she looks, the facts are still true to her. She is one lady that can do anything for anyone, but there is always a rule to it, if you think you love her, guess what? You indeed have found just the right woman for you but you must know that having to touch her could be challenging has she has phobia for being touched, hmm. Well she just might be a virgin who really knows?

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6.  Hilary Duff




She has a ritual which is difficult to change, the star is known for her late night cleaning and the fact that she doesn’t like dirt, if you have plans on getting to her it is really simple, get her those dirt and she would quickly respond to your every demand, I think this is a good way to go, although it is not recommended. Take the time out to love and care for her phobias don’t leave a place messy.

7.  Keanu Reeves




I feel so sad knowing that so many people have sad the dark scares them but I expected better, this is one thing that money cannot buy for anyone, the phobia you have is as a result of your person and he isn’t different from this, I really think you should know that the act is scared of the dark and would just do anything to get out of that scene, this is just one thing he opened up to and we appreciate.

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8.  Oprah




Hmm, almighty Oprah finally comes out with her fears, and this is really stunning, she is not a lover of gums not to speak of the person that chews it, it reminds her of her childhood and I don’t think that’s what anyone would want to remember, especially when it has to do with some nasty grandmother, she feels it is really gross and weird because her grandmother had the gums in a locker after chewing.

9.  David Beckham




He is not a big fan of some messy places and would do anything to change that. So don’t get on his bad side, ensure that you have the place all tidy and he would easy breath around you, this is really funny but true.

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10.  Christina Ricci




She doesn’t like flowers around her house as she believe it causes dirt.