Top 10 Fashion Trends For Women to Adopt in 2016

1.  Long Vest


Long Vest


The Long Vest which has been in vogue since the 70’s is back in trend, as we can see a lot of fashion houses are adopting this incredible stylish dress.It is the modern jacket and blazer which have sliming effect on the body, showing the curves and full endowment especially when it is left unbuttoned. Although this fashion has no particular period to rock its style but it is best worn during the summer.

2.  Culottes




Culottes are tricky flare short which has no specific length unlike other shorts. This trend is seen best as it is designed blow the kneecaps but above the ankle, it could just be that perfect wear for the evening walk. It is easy to go around and the fabric is somewhat light for free flow of air in the body. It would look best in high boots, giving every woman an outstanding cool look.

3.  Cape




If you are looking for that amazing missing part of your dress, I would recommend you get the cape, it is the most suitable stylish wear which would practically match any dress you have on. The beauty of the cape can best be described as “The Winter Guide”.

4.  A-Line Shapes


A-Line Shapes


Get the perfect dress for your wedding or dinner events, there is nothing more thrilling that than the A-Line dress. This fashion has been in trend for a while now and it’s still rocking the fashion world, having that dazzling modernized floral print or colorful zigzag cropped out, and high waist flare fits. I would headline this “prince of all styles ruling the fashion industry”. This style is indeed feminine for 2016.

5.  Trucker Jackets


Trucker Jackets


Everyone loves a good blue jean jacket, which brings us to the trendy Trucker jackets. It is exceptional and easy reach, nothing to worry about when going out. Personally, I would go for this jacket anytime of the day, as it is super versatile. Trucker Jackets is a must have for anyone looking to complete her wardrobe this year. Don’t wait too long you just might miss out on this one.

6.  Saree: With A Twist


Saree with a twist


The popular Indian wear made it into the 2016 trends to adopt. When you have your saree don’t fail to wear it with a modern twist, or drape it like a gown. It would fascinate you to know that Sacree is the modern Mumtaz style. Guessing you are thinking how best you can get this dress rocking, just get yourself a crop top, a tube or anything that you love, in place of a boring blouse. Spice your style up today and make it worth the trend.

7.  Gypset




As the name gypset, it is made of beautiful color combinations having bold patterns, orientalism and opulenc. Most people say it is the fashion biggest fashion trend for women this year, and it is totally wearable. The style which is similar to a vintage design is fun with its cruise line properly patterned. Gypset would spice up your daily wardrobe with a dash of color and exoticism, not forgetting it has that layered tunic with Aladdin pants.

8.  Sporty Look


Sporty Look


Add the old school approach to your collection this summer, with the cool quotient athletic trend. It is moderate, classy, and go faster stripes, gym shorts. This fashion trend is wearable with a nice set of plimsolls, leather jackets and a bag to jazz your style up, or you could try it on a rough jean, and coat. This fashion is a nice fit, giving your body great shape. The style is breathtaking and trendy.

9.  Kimono- Coats


Kimono- Coats


A fancier single colored coat as it is known for; this is just an alarming fashion trend for the year. They are slouchy, frivolous and roomy with a medium size belt, which is knotted by the side. It has the style of a robe and is a well fashionable, accepted trend since last summer. Its no news knowing that this trend has brought about the ease to go out looking classy and stylish, as you can wear this with practically anything under, I would say for a casual outing this would not be bad, certainly they would be the children style which would be coming out soon.

10.  Shirt Dresses


Shirt Dresses


If you are having difficulty selected which dress to wear, I would suggest that you get yourself Shirt dresses. This is a long dress, which has been in vogue couple of years now and this year it is the trendy fashion for 2016.