Top 10 Fastest Helicopters in the World

The world’s first ever “practical” helicopter or chopper was built by the United States in 1939 and had only one engine. Today’s helicopters are way different and provide great air borne support in the battlefront. Most of today’s helicopters run on at least two engines and can do many things a plane cannot!

Here is a list of Top 10 Fastest helicopters in the World:

1.  Eurocopter X3


Eurocopter X3


In June 2013, this chopper set the world record as the world’s fastest helicopter. It recorded a speed of 472km/hr while flying over France. It is powered by Two Rolls Royce RTM32201 engines and is used in search and rescue and even in the battlefield to provide supplies. The record set is unofficial. It only has a great gunner unit mounted on it and hence can be used in combat as well.

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2.  Chinook




These are some of the most famous helicopters in the world and can be recognized with its dual blade system. The helicopter is made in the United States. The helicopter is a powerhouse with two engines and is used to transport heavy loads. It played an important role in helping American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by providing essential cargo and equipment. The engine is made by Honeywell and can carry about 10,000kg of load. It has a maximum speed of 320km/hr.

3.  Mi – 35M


Mi – 35M


This Soviet helicopter comes third in the list clocking a maximum speed of 310 km/hr. This also has two engines and its first model was produced back in 1972. In 2005, production took off and these helicopters were ordered by more than 40 countries! It is the crown jewel of the Soviet Union Air Force.

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4.  AW101 Merlin


AW101 Merlin


This helicopter roars. It is powered by three Rolls Royce RTM322 engines and has reached a maximum speed of 308km/hr. It is used widely for Civilian rescue operations in the United States. It is produced by the Augusta Westland Company who is famous for providing quality equipment to the military.

5.  AW139




This mid-sized chopper packs a punch. It is the fastest transport helicopter in its category and can carry up to 15 fully loaded soldiers. This is also another priced possession of the Augusta Westland Company and has a cruise speed of 305km/hr. It contains two turbo charged twin engines.

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6.  KA 52 Alligator


KA 52 Alligator


KA 52 Alligator is an air combat helicopter developed by Kamov Intelligence Agency which serves equipment to the Russian Army. It is used to guard troops on the battlefield and has travelled at an impressive 300km/hr. It can annihilate tanks and ships.

7.  NH90




Developed for helping NATO, this helicopter also has a maximum travel speed of 300km/hr. It is most suited for naval operations and is a twin engine, medium lift helicopter for transporting troops efficiently. It is used in rugged operations over land, sea across day and night. Its very efficient and a good performer in the battlefield. It can climb 2500ft per minute and can attain a maximum altitude of 10,500 ft.

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8.  Mil Mi-28


Mil Mi-28


Yet another Mi from the Russians. This chopper also travels at 300km/hr and is the latest attack helicopter in the Russian artillery unit. It is used to wipe out ground units with ease and its heat seeking missiles can find foot soldiers even during nights without any difficulties. It is equipped with two VK 2500 engines which couple up to provide an impressive 4,000 horsepower. It can operate at a height of 5,600m! It is also called a Night Hunter due to its stealthy design and noiseless engines.

9.  Mi-26




This Russian chopper is the world’s largest production helicopter equipped with twin engines that provide almost 25,000 horsepower in total. It also is very fuel efficient and can travel almost 1000 km on full tank. It has a maximum speed of 295 km/hr. The helicopter is used to transport airplanes to their repair centers!

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10.  Apache AH 64


Apache AH 64


Apache is a multi-role helicopter of the United States, it is also known as desert eagle and travels at 285km/hr in the harshest of deserts. It has two high performance engines and only requires 2 men for operation.