Top 10 Favorite English Books of Facebook Users

1.  The Holy Bible




There is next to nobody will, or need to, say with reference to the Holy Bible. In spite of the faith or confidence of a person, the Bible has clothed to be a prized scan for anybody with a spiritual curve of the brain and even spoke to the skeptical and rationalist persons. As a desirable reality, it’s a hit, also as a standout among the foremost taken books. since various use it’s by design confused words to protect bias, lies, misbehavior, so forth for the sake of faith, others notice internal peace and a direction down the means of life within the savvy and sort expressions of the Holy Bible.

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2.  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy




The comic drama sci-fi arrangement was initially a radio show in 1948, which later transformed into books, funnies and so forth! Each new adjustment by Adams is significantly changed, in this way making shared inconsistencies in numerous spots; however the fundamental plot continues as before, i.e. the experiences of the disastrous Englishman, Arthur Dent, and other real characters, for example, an outsider and his semi-cousin, a discouraged robot and a lady who is the last survivor of the Earth’s demolition.

3.  The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins




The 2008-discharged sci-fi novel and also the related to 2 books of the arrangement square measure stories represented for the purpose of read of 16-year recent Katniss Everdeen, living in an exceedingly tragic country referred to as Panem, wherever each year, a broadcast reality show named Hunger Games takes place within which a child and a miss of twelve-16-years age from every of the 12 loci square measure chosen to require half in an exceeding session of death.

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4.  Catcher in the Rye




We have looked at a lot of big books, but the Catcher in the Rye is just one of those books that is small but might, like you must have heard “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”, this is not just a quote it’s a statement of fact, the 1951 novel which when produced was targeted towards only grownups but as time went on they know what to add that would spice things up, and now the books is known as the readers’ choice.

5.  The Great Gatsby




Imagination upon imaginations, the words of the author is so deep with meaning around the lines. The 1925 novel which was greated to spice the lives of both the young and the old, had a great impact on so many, this makes it one of the most creative writes of all time, the story line is different and unique just like other writers but there is no write that is ever the same.

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6.  Pride and Prejudice




Despite the time created it has no effect on the content of the book, this book was written and published about the same time in 1813, oh well this has really been a long time, that is over two hundred years and yet it is the most read book amongst the lovers of Facebook lovers. This book catches the attention of those in the creatives, the poets, and analyst.

7.  The Hobbit




Hmm, what can I say about this book? Is it as interesting as many have speculated? Or we just have one of those books that is over rated? This is not just a book, this is different, it has a message for everyone and the lessons are so clear, you need to check this out. Thanks to the author of the book who took out time to write an amazing piece which has led to a movie creation.

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8.  The Lord of the Rings




I am in no doubt that we all read this book, it is not thrilling, it is not exciting, I don’t think it’s fun to read, its just exceptional and has all the above listed. The writer did good to work on this for everyone to read, mythology, religion and logic set the foundation of the story of this beautiful book, while the characters develop and impact extensive quantities of peruses and stay with them until the end of time.

9.  To kill a Mockingbird




Harper Lee did not waste the time doing other creatives other than write, he spoke more in words than in person and this play has won the 1960 American novel on the basis of its character as the creator himself. It’s an astounding equalization of cleverness and murkiness with little issues.

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10.  The Harry Potter




This book has kept its readers on their toes, with insight of fiction and wizardry. The English writer saw a need that was to speak and did not fail to pen it down for the rest of the world.