Top 10 Foul Smelling Flowers in the World

Flowers are beautiful creations by nature, a gift from nature. Flowers comes in all shapes and sizes, from sunflowers to lotuses each and every flower has a characteristic smell. Every flower needs sunlight and water for its survival. Flowers are used to decorate homes, temples and in weddings. Flowers are loved by all because of their characteristic fragrance but there are also flowers who are extremely foul smelling.

Here is a list of Top 10 foul smelling flowers:

1.  Titan Arum


Titan Arum


This green and purple flower is the world’s worst smelling flower. It has the smell of rotten meat. This horrible smell actually manages to attract carrion flies which help in pollination. The flower only blooms once in every couple of years and only blooms for 3 days. The flower is also known as the corpse flower.


2.  Rafflesia




This flower is the world’s largest individual flower. It has no roots or leaves and is a parasitic plant just like fungi. The plant is also very rare to find, it only blooms for a few weeks in the dense rainforests of Borneo. Just like the Titan Arum, even this flower is known as the corpse flower because of its pungent smell.

3.  Hydrona Africana


Hydrona Africana


This flower is an usual parasitic flower found in Southern deserts of Africa. The plant grows underground and only the flower grows above the ground. The outer skin of the flower is brown in colour where as the inner fleshy part is orange. The flower smells like faeces and attracts beetles for pollination.

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4.  Carob Tree


Carob Tree


The tree’s flowers bloom in autumn. The tree is very nutritious and contains many vitamins. But the smell is really horrid. It smell almost like human sperm.

5.  Bulbophyllum




Native to Papa New Guinea, this orchid is hairy and contains pinkish red flowers. It is the worst smelling orchid in the world and its leaves are almost four feet long! It is bloom all throughout the year just like other orchids and is also known to be one of the largest orchids in the world.

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6.  Dragon Arum


Dragon Arum


This flower smells just like the other flower from the Arum family, the Titan. Its flower spans across 100 cm and it has a really long stigma which also contains a sharp spike. It is found in rocky areas of the Mediterranean basin.

7.  Stapelia Gigantea


Stapelia Gigantea


This South African beauty is also called the African starfish. It smells like rotten eggs and can be smelled from quite a long distant even though it is not very intense. The plant blooms in summer and it attractive shape draws in insects to pollinate.

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8.  Eastern Skunk Cabbage


Eastern Skunk Cabbage


This is an inedible cabbage found in parts of Asia. It usually grows in swampy areas and smells like a skunk. It grows 20cms in diameter and attracts many butterflies and bees for pollination.

9.  Jack in the Pulpit


Jack in the Pulpit


It is also called snakeshead because the flower looks exactly like a snake. The flower is found in many European and Turkish countries. The plant is also poisonous and the sap contains a burning sensation on the skin. The plant is not only foul smelling but it is also very dangerous. In the last decade there have been many cases of spadix poisoning. Spadix is the central spike of the flower. It is also known to raise the temperature of its immediate surroundings by 15 degree Celsius. The plant is also slippery, and causes the insects to slide down and get trapped. By August, the flower withers and forms fruits, the fruits provide great source of nutrition to many birds.

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10.  Dead Horse Lily


Dead Horse Lily


The dead horse lily is also a type of an arum. The plants only survive at 23 degree Celsius. It cannot withstand many changes in temperature. It smells like hot, burnt, dead flesh. It blooms during autumn and is found in the slopes of Northern Europe. The flower has an interesting coloring scheme and no two flowers are identical. The flower is made of a mixture of deep red and white. The male and female parts of the flower are black and dark maroon respectively. Flies and beetles help this plant to pollinate.