Top 10 Freak Accidents That Happened on Film Sets

1.  Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Resident Evil The Final Chapter


Whilst filming in the upcoming 2017 film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, prolific stunt actor Olivia Jackson was severely injured after colliding with a camera arm during a motorcycle scene. She was left with terrible injuries including a degloved face, broken ribs, cerebral trauma, nerves torn out of her spinal chord and damage to fingers that meant one of her thumbs had to be amputated. These injuries put her in a two-week coma, and her left arm needed to be amputated. Amazingly, Jackson survived her horrific injuries and is making a recovery.

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2.  The Expendables II


The Expendables II


While filming a scene on a rubber boat in the popular action flick The Expendables II, one stuntman died and another one was left in critical condition following a controlled explosion that went wrong.

3.  The Wizard of Oz


The Wizard of Oz


There exist many legends about the classic film The Wizard of Oz. One true story from the set is that in a scene with the Wicked Witch of the West departing Munchkinland in a plume of smoke, her actor Margaret Hamilton was badly injured when the trap door that would allow her to escape the smoke opened too slowly, leaving her without agonising third-degree burns.


4.  xXx




For one stunt of the 2002 action film xXx, Vin Diesel’s stunt double Harry O’Connor was to rappel down to a submarine. The stunt went wrong when O’Connor failed to do so fast enough and hit a bridge at high speed, killing him instantly. Chillingly, the scene was left in by the director, minus the final moments, so as to pay respects to O’Connor’s final work.

5.  Top Gun


Top Gun


During the filming of the hit action film Top Gun, stunt pilot Art Scholl was flying in a plane over the Pacific Ocean when he lost control of the plane and crashed somewhere in the ocean. Even more tragically, neither his body nor the plane were ever found.

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6.  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I


During a flying scene in the beloved seventh instalment of the Harry Potter film series, Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double, David Holmes, was thrown against a wall so hard that he fractured his neck, leaving him with extremely limited mobility from the neck down. On the bright side, Holmes insists that he enjoyed working on the series and keeps in touch with several of the cast.

7.  The Crow


The Crow


While acting in The Crow, Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee was killed during a stunt. The stunt was planned so that Lee would be shot with a gun loaded only with gunpowder, but the stunt went wrong as the gun contained a fragment of a real bullet. Lee was struck with the bullet in the abdomen and died later from his injury.


8.  The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight


The Dark Knight was adored worldwide by critics and audiences alike. What audiences may not know, however, is that a stunt technician died on set. Whilst driving in a high-speed car and shooting a camera, special effects technician Conway Wickliffe crashed his car into a tree and died.

9.  Jumper




The poorly-received 2008 sci-fi thriller Jumper chronicled the adventures of a man with the ability to teleport. You may think that this action thriller claimed the life of an employee in the middle of a dangerous stunt, but you’d be wrong; in fact, while striking the set, set dresser David Ritchie was crushed by an artificial lump of sand and rock falling on top of him.

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10The Twilight Zone


The Twilight Zone


The 1982 Twilight Zone film, a follow-up to the hugely popular TV show, had several terrifying moments, but the worst of all happened on set. A helicopter scene went wrong when the helicopter spun out of control due to pyrotechnics, crashing and killing three actors, two of them children. This was a real tragedy.