Top 10 Funny Pranks to Play on Sisters

1.  Bubble Buster




If you have ever thought of anything to do to that naughty sister of yours well think about getting wraps and place them on the seat and close the lid, when they come around to use it they would sit on the lid and it would make a funny burst leaving the person in the toilet embarrassed and feeling shy over what happen, she would not take it likely but you know what to do.

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2.  Fools Day




You can get them to believe just anything you want them too, by creating a custome text message on your phone, record yourself for a while and then give some time out to talk again, make it believable and them give it to your sister to respond to the message she would think that it is a message from someone important and would respond accordingly, at the end of the message she would discover that it was all a prank.

3.  Spider




Every lady hates the sight of a spider and that is one thing you can use to trap them and collect whatever you want, this prank is safe and should be practiced as such. Get a fake spider and place it underneath your sister pillow, leave your phone next to it and when she is laying next to it, use a different phone to call your and ask her to get your phone for you, when she tries getting it she would discover that there is a spider and the reaction you would get would be epic.

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4.  Honey




There are times when you get really tired of your sister makeover and hair do, if you plan on having her feel bad for a period I would recommend this for you over time. Make a nice switch of the shampoo in the pack and replace it with honey, the colors are the same so she would not really know the difference until she tries it and then  be sure to leave the house by then.

5.  Time Out




Get to wake her very late in the night and tell her she is late for school which is on Monday, try this on a Sunday night that way it is more believed. She would react like she just missed a test, be sure to wait till she takes her bath and get dressed for school. At the opening of the door she would realize that it was just a prank. Get you a nice spot to laugh out loud, because you would love the way her face would look within the time.

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6.  Reading




Girls love anything that talks about love and romance; they are so glued to this stuff. Get you a nice book your sister is reading and wait till it is almost the end of the novel and then when she isn’t home you can nicely tear off the last parts of the novel, when she comes back she would try getting the person that did it, ensure you got your plugs on and increase the sound of your tone. This would make her really furious.

7.  Tan Tan




This is called the tan trick and it is easy to implement, it is simply switching the stickers on her cream with probably a glue.

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8.  Shoe Trick




You know ladies cherish their shoes and would do anything to have that shoe nice and fitted, well get your sister an under size wear by adding tissues into the shoe when she tries getting her legs in it, the show would feel small and that would get her moody for some time, within the period you can tell her that she should look into the shoe and tell you she can find. This would be so much of a relief for her as she would be so happy to have her show back.

9.  Yum Yum




Add some spice to the way your sister takes her clothes from her drawers by adding some of the incredible peanut butter by the handle of the drawer then run away.  I cannot tell you how she would feel but I sure know that it would not be funny at all. This prank should be practiced only if you know the temperament of your sister or the involved parties to avoid accidents.

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10.  Rotate the Screen




When you have got your sister so engaged in seeing a movie you can simply make it more fun but turning the screen by holding CTRL AND ALT then the direction you want it to face using the arrow key.