Top 10 Gorgeous Women Who Rocked the Bald Look

1.  Persis Khambatta




This is one look that only the strong can carry on with, she is the Indian model who has taken her career to a whole new level, looking stunning in the bald look. She is known also for her incredible writing talent, her acting skills all of which she makes a great impression on her followers and fans, there is no stopping his amazing woman who has recreated the industry.

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2.  Karen Gillan




 The 26 year old Scottish blonde is just one character you would love around you any time of the day, she would give that free sensation to express yourself as she smiles calmly, the actress and model, is most famous for her acting skills. She has chosen not to leave any stone unturned, as she takes the stage with the rated 100 sexiest women in the world and she stands at number 36 as at 2011.

3.  Alek Wek




There is just something about the black skin, it shines in the dark and it is really different and exceptional just like the carrier of it. We are talking about the british model and designer, she has been bald most of the time during her career, and she has taken the time out to inspire other young lads to get on the trend of been bald, she looks gorgeous in it.

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4.  Jessie J


Jessie J


I do not expect you to know her but if you do then you must know that she has a personality that is almost irresistible in every sense, she has been able to win the hearts of her music lovers and also she has been nominated for the Grammy award. Many have said that she has a beautiful heart, which I would not know but am sure she does have something unique that keeps her going.

5.  Diandra Soares




When you take the time out to watch stations like telemundo and the likes you would understand why indian ladies look amazing, not leaving out the one we have right in front of us, she is a model and known TV star. She is currently anticipating something big. The participated Bigg Boss is a black beauty and she rocks the bald look really good.

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6.  Kellie Pickler




The reality Tv show star and musician, she is one of the ladies that changed the face of what we know as the American Idol, even when she did not win she kept on striving for greater goals and this is one of the inspiring things about her, her choice to rock the trendy bald look is just a new phase that as really given her a place in this post. There is always a story behind every decision made and she has one to tell.

7.  Cate Blanchett




I don’t think I have to love everyone to talk about them, all I need is why they carried out the act of the new trend, am sure so many would want to cut their hair after now but don’t worry, Cate would just be the best person to follow up on, get your eyes closely glued to her as she takes the stage, she is an actress and winner of the Australian 2 time Academy Award and she lives her life with so much joy.

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8.  Cynthia Nixon




The sex and the city star who keeps rocking her bald look is one person that would always be in the minds of her lovers, personally I would really like to have her in mind but I got too much in there so I am leaving her all for you to consume. She has won popular awards in her time and this would be 2Emmy, one Grammy and one Tony Award, she had to take off the hair to play a role of a cancer patient in the movie “Wit”

9.  Ebony Haith




When I spoke about the dark girl earlier I was almost consumed by the piece that I forgot myself, she is the reality tv star who is very famous for her looks as a model.

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10.  Sigourney Weaver




The two time golden globe winner needs no introduction, she chose to look bald for the movie Alien 3.