Top 10 Greatest Music Icons Who Come From Reality TV

1.  Kelly Clarkson




She is one person who has tried it all, never relenting on her abilities to changing the game, we have seen it, we have followed up and indeed she has made a lot of individuals proud about the strides taken over the years. She has featured in the American Idol and till date is respected, most of the things heard about her are true and that is not leaving the world record she holds for her single “My life would suck without you”.

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2.  One Direction




As it is now i can feel the buzz on your seats, eager to know more about this acts, well they are one of the best group ever, they are known for their musical talent and the cuteness In their voice, although most of which they have a lot of fan base is due to the fact that their music has reached out to a lot of lovers and this is not just looking at the cute boys but looking deep within. Thanks to the X-Factor where they started from.

3.  Carrie Underwood




When you speak of an associate partner in music then you would be talking about the 4th American Idol winner in 2005 who became a force to reckon with, she has what most people go out doing the wrong things to get, she has 6 Grammys, sixteen Billboard awards, 11 academy country awards, and seven American Music Award, this is just to name a few of what she has gotten overtime, if you looking for a role model, look at Carrie.

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4.  Young Ladies Aloud




Not all of the style you would hope for, but that is not why we are here at the time, let us take a look info these ladies. When you speak of history and television you speak of these young ladies they made the second season of Popstars UK in 2002 and the Guinness World Record for the Best Reality Tv Group in 2007. They have brought 5 collections just before they separated in 2013.

5.  Leona Lewis




She is just the principal woman for the job you have been looking out for, in 2006 she won the X- Factor Uk, this give her new stance over matters in the society, she also went ahead to release her triumphant single “A moment like this” which had a world record of been downloaded around the world over fifty thousand times in under 30 minutes, that is just the least of what she has set out for the record.

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6.  Susan Boyle




This is not really the best name for an outstanding individual like herself but all the same it is better than we have most others. She has really astonished many viewers around the world appearing to be a moderately aged individual, when she lets go of that voice you would be thrilled, she is no one else but the runner up of the British Got Talent ability in 2008.

7.  Adam Lambert




We cannot talk a lot about his looks though but here is what we can talk about –his outstanding voice, he got the voice of a tiger, you really don’t want to hear him roar, he is one person that would sweep you off your feet, give it up for the American Idol singer and go getter Adam. Be sure you want to hand on close to him especially the ladies, you know what I mean.

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8.  Capriccio Barrino




She is no one else than the R n B singer who turned out to be an African American in the American Idol season 3. She has single which hit the billboard in no time “Believe” you really have to check this out.

9.  Phillip Phillips




He is the 11th winner of the American Idol, now amazing. There are so many things we ought to know about this act but not all can be expressed in words.

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10.  Fifth Harmony




I don’t know about you but I like the name of the band Fifth lady, they are one of the most compelling acts, straight from the X- Factor.