Top 10 Halloween Superstitious Customs That Never Change

1.  Celebration of the Dead




It is a known fact that in Mexico, they have days set aside in the celebrating their dead, one of which would be in the period of Halloween, this celebration is categorized as EL DIA LOS MUERTOS which simply is saying celebrate the dead, so everyone comes out and greats an altar where their dead is properly layed to rest each year. We have seen the number and the response to this is high.

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2.  Apple Trick




You may think it is always about the lead role of weird customs well in the case it is nothing close to that; you have to know that the apple game is one of the most played games in Ireland. What I love about this game is the trick about it within a period of time. You are to cut the apple and place it on your head trying to eat the fruit therein, the person who wins this gets a prize.

3.  China Celebrates




This may not come as a surprise but you should know that the intention of the matter is real; there is a period in the year where everyone comes out to celebrate their dead with lighting lanterns and food offerings, this done to acknowledge their love for their loved. In this context everyone would stand out and watch the lanterns move towards the sky till finally it fades. It is done with the photos of the deceased.

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4.  Knives




In Germany has proven to be one of the countries that celebrates the dead differently, using the Halloween custom they are asked to take away every knife in the house away to avoid causalities and the resurrection of the spirits of the dead, this is highly recommended just like in most cases reported. It is important to know that you need to be careful within the period until it is over.

5.  Celebration of the Hungry Ghost




As it sounds foreign in your ear so it is in reality, this way it is only pertinent to note that they carry out this appeasable functions in other to put wondering ghosts to rest, you just might not like it but it is necessary that you do, they are done by burning pictures and fruits. This is celebrated alongside with other prominent events   during the year in Hong Kong; you should try coming around sometime.

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6.  Welcoming the Dead




In Austria they carry out an act which is used to welcome ghost, meanwhile we are trying to get rid of the thousands of ghost around the world, they are inviting others to come and join the party. This is creepy as it sounds and I don’t think I want to be there when they are doing this. Well it is simple to create in your own country all you need is a lamb, bread and water, all of which should be placed outside the house.

7.  Husband




In most parts of the world they peel of the back of apples and throw the peels behind them, it is believed that whatever shape is created that is the name of the husband or spouse you are going to get married to, this is not been confirmed based on the level of authenticity. You can try it out, this should be done by only singles who have tried dating for a while and it did not work out fine.

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8.  Mirror Trick




In most parts of the United Kingdom we can say they are various single women and men there, this has brought us to what I would like to tell you about, it is a trick and might just be true, who knows? You should get a nice mirror and stare at it for a long time, that way it shows you who your future husband would be, this is their believe and till date it is still been practiced in that part of the world.

9.  Burning lights




We know that in most stories we read in books we were told that spirits don’t like fire, yes that is true, spirits flea when they have a sight of fire as it hurts them based on the believes of others. You must have visited couple of families and then you see them always have their candle burning this is not because they have been reading all night but simply because they have been trying to keep the spirits away from their homes.

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10.  Death Call




It is believed that when you hear footsteps within the period of the Halloween, during the day you ought not to look back simply because they believe that it is a sign that death is calling and response to it would just take the person away.