Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips, Make your life best

1.  Eat Well




More than 80% of fitness is based on what we consume each day that is the determinant to the growth and build of our body, be it weight loss, muscular development or training for an event.  Eating a good balance diet clean carbohydrates, fresh protein and health fats will give you the energy to aid your fitness challenge and show results quickly. You should always look at the content of your food before consumption.

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2.  Keep Hydrated


Keep Hydrated


If you must stay healthy then you must be willing to always stay hydrated, after all the brain contains 70% of water and then if you just loss 2% to dehydration the body starts feeling weak, so it is important that you take at least 2 liters of water a day to make sure your body is well balanced. You can take it in bits or take it at once but don’t lose sight of water in anything you do.

3.  Regular Exercise




This cannot be over emphasized on, we have heard this countlessly that exercise is good but most people still look down on the benefits of this part of their life, well here is something you have to do on a regular in other to keep your body fit, for starters I would highly recommend skipping, jogging, and pushups for the period of time and later on we can move on to other categories.


4.  Routine and Variety




Set a target for yourself maybe with couple of friends, that would make you more serious and motivated about your activities, just a little effort would do just 20 minutes in the day. You will know what you have to do and when, spreading your workouts and activities over the week will give your body time to recover and allow you to enjoy your exercise. Thus incorporating different styles of exercise will help you to enjoy yourself as well.

5.  Advice




It is important that you have someone that you admire to coach you and teach you on the way to go, it is essential in other for you to have more reasons to continue. Never be afraid to ask, that’s why health and fitness professionals exist, no matter how difficult you feel the question is, don’t be shy to let it out to your mentor or trainer. They would give you professional guard lines.

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6.  New Skills




It would be sad to start your exercise classes or routine without learning in the process, it is vital to always checkmate yourself at all times, if you feel too relaxed at it you need to go out and see others doing it, that way you would be easily motivated and want to do more. Believe in yourself and always have someone by your side that would be your extra strength when you are learning.

7.  Why, How, When and What?




To stay motivated you need to ask yourself the questions as they are listed above, you really need to know why, how, when and what is the drive towards this exercise. Why did you choose the goal of having to work out? Is it because you want to lose weight?  How? – You should always create a plan. When? – pick a deadline for each selected plan, what? – seek professional advice always.

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8.  Balance lifestyle




When looking to develop fitness it is very important that you maintain a balanced lifestyle. When starting a fitness journey be sure to plan the rest of the day into your program in other to meet up with them. You need to get the correct work frame that is to say you need to place between the time of work and the time to rest for the day, just remember you are not using all day to work out its just 20minutes.

9.  Relaxing and Sleep




This is the most important thing after eating healthy, if you do not rest well the food and exercise might not show effect on time due to the facts that the body is not properly at ease. You need to get this in check before any other thing, I understand that most of us go to work and all just ensure you can make out time to rest even if it is during the weekends and don’t be lazy about it. Exercise is fun don’t make it look complicated.

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10.  Enjoyment




This is can best explain itself as you know it, all work and no play makes Jack very dull. Go out there and have fun that’s the best way to live.