Top 10 Highest Paid Female Gamers

1.  Katherine Gunn




I love the sound of her name, it feels like she can take down just anything, speaking of which she is a professional gamer who is part of the highest paid female gamers in the world she is popular for her slogan “Mystik.  She plays the Dead or Alive 4 game which rated her worth to $22,000 from 2007 to 2008. After her win in the game of Halo she was ranked the top gamer earning $100,000 in 2010. In just few years she earns $120,000.

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2.  Sasha Hostyn




The Canadian gamer has relented not in her rating across the globe. She is the most popular gamer in the world as she takes on challengers from various nations and has won series of competitions, most of which are major ones. She is regarded as a diligent gamer as she is popular for the game Star Craft II, she has participated in over 30 tournaments since 2011 which has earned her over $100,000.

3.  Marjorie Bartell




She is a great software engineer, she is known for the game dead or alive and her team has been incredible since they started working together which makes it significant.  Her team won the 2007 Dead or Alive tournament which her $50,000 over time, she is working with several companies and this has given her an edge over others but yet she earns $55,000.

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4.  Sarah Harrison  




The popular gamer known as Sarah Lou, she is called that in the gaming community, which I know by the way you should know already but if you did not know now you do. She is the only female from the United Kingdom who is listed as the top earning professional with a net income of $50,000 she is also a part of the Dead or Alive team that has won couple of tournaments in a role.

5.  Vanessa Arteaga




I love her already and yet I am still thinking she is pretty, but not too pretty for a gamer of her kind, she possess a lot of qualities. She became a superstar in the gaming world as we know it, she was ranked the first gaming champion in the game of draft and she is most famous for her name “arena”. She has won couple of games and of which had a cash worth of $20,000 over the years.

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6.  Rumay Wang




She is the bloodline champion who has earned $2,000 for that game in particular but is currently worth $16,000, she has participated in couple of games tournament and this earn her $14,000 for all four. She is known as Hafu just in case you get to meet with her sometime, like I said just in case. Don’t get it all mixed up she is pretty and has a style of her own that makes her unique.

7.  Jamie Pereyda




The united states gamer who is always looking simple, she is a difficult nut to crack with it comes to her and her games but yet can be so nice when she is off the tables. She is popular with the QuakeCon III game, she is called Missy in the game world.   She played in the tournament where is won, it is said that she destroyed her fellow competitor and took the prize. I am really happy about this as she earns $15,000.

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8.  Livia Teernstra




The $14,000 prize winner, who has taken the stage and won with her team at several competitions including that which was held in New Zealand, although she had to stand alone whilst she played over there, she stunned the crowd as the brings the prize home. She is also a dominant player in the games which opened in Europe, not living out the fact that she partook in the Dead or Alive gaming challenge.

9.  Alana Reid




When you speak of professionals in Canada that know how the system works, don’t fail to get Alana name on that screen as she wins the hearts of other game lovers in the country and in other nations. She is recognized as Ms.X  in the gaming society and this is one of the best things that could and can happen to anyone of her statues. She has a total earning of $10,000.

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10.  Alice Lew




She got the prettiest smile a gamer would have, I know that sometimes we feel that gamers should be all serious and focused on winning the opponent but not in her case, she is always happy and earns $8000.