Top 10 Highest Paid Female Singers of 2015

The music industry, much like the fashion industry objectifies women. The music industry is run by men who make it very unlikely for a women to succeed based on talent. Gaining fame requires women to wear revealing clothes in order to increase their sexual appeal. Getting implants has become a necessity. People like Nicki Minaj have spend more than $100,000 to make their behinds look bigger. This confirms the fact that the music industry cares more about looks rather than talent. But there are also people like Taylor Swift who focus on improving her talents and not just looks. This is in fact a sad truth about the music industry. Despite all the prejudices, the music industry still flourishes and has a good number of well-paid female singers.

Here is a list of the highest paid female singers in 2015:

1.  Katy Perry

      Estimated Earnings: $150 million


Katy Perry


Katy Perry was the most paid female singer in 2015. After a smashing hit last year, she continued to take the music industry by storm. She partnered with fashion giants H&M to release a new song. Most of her earnings in 2015 are from her successful Prismatic World Tour in which she reportedly earned $2 million for every city she visited.

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2.  Taylor Swift

       Estimated Earnings: $80 million


Taylor Swift


Swift released Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar. She earned a pretty penny through the partnership. Along with this, she also performed in Japan, North America and Europe in the year. Brand endorsements also increased her overall earnings for 2015.

3.  Fleetwood (Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie)

       Estimated Earnings: $60 million




Fleetwood had toured the globe in 2015. Performing in every corner of Earth, including Austrailia, New Zealand, UK and USA. All the concerts were sold out. Nearly all their earnings in 2015 are by performing live shows. Their music focused on people born in late 20th century.

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4.  Lady Gaga

       Estimated Earnings: $59 million


Lady Gaga


After releasing two great songs in 2015, Lady Gaga ended the year on a high. She was awarded the Woman of the Year by Billboard and almost 30 other awards in 2015! The cash prize for every award was hefty enough to make her appear in the top 10 highest paid female singer list.

5.  Beyoncé

       Estimated Earnings: $55 million




Beyoncé released only three songs in 2015 all of them performed well and consisted of catchy tunes. Her USA unplugged tour in 2015 is responsible for half her earnings. Later in the year she also performed in various European countries. The rest of her earnings are from brand endorsements.


6.  Britney Spears

       Estimated Earnings: $31 million


Britney Spears


Spears released 5 songs in 2015 but none of them gained much traction. 3 out of 5 songs were collaborations with other renowned artists.

7.  Jennifer Lopez

       Estimated Earnings: $29 million


Jennifer Lopez


Lopez produced two great songs – “Chica Loca” and “On the Radio” in 2015 which earned her a good amount of money. She also featured in many other songs that year. New songs paired up with sizzling performances in South America and North America rolled in the big bucks.

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8.  Miranda Lambert

       Estimated Earnings: $28.5 million


Miranda Lambert


2015 was the year of ups and downs for Miranda, after her breakup she was determined to release a few chart busting songs. She released more than 20 songs. The song “Automatic” was number 1 in Canada and number 4 in USA. She wrote this song with Natalie and Nicole.

9.  Mariah Carey

       Estimated Earnings: $27 million


Mariah Carey


Mariah’s dropped the beat with “Infinity”. The song had gained a million hits overnight on YouTube. The song shot to success mainly because it was very nostalgic and listeners were taken aback. Other songs released included “On the floor” and “Honey” which did not fare as well as “Infinity”.

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10.  Rihanna

        Estimated Earnings: $26 million




Rihanna did the worked the hardest in 2015. She released a new album called ANTI but it failed to gain much attention despite it having 15 songs. Her earnings were not reflective on the amount a work she put. Rihanna was recently declared the rap queen, a major achievement for women in hip hop. When interviewed at the Grammies she seemed unhappy of her year.