Top 10 Horrid Slums Found in Well-off Places

1.  Somalia




This is one of the most dangerous cities on the surface of the earth, it has created a memory in the hearts of many who lived there, some with a tale and others without action they could not make it back from this slum, the city is currently faced with the challenge of food crisis also with refugee crisis, this as amounted to leaving a lot of people stranded over the years, despite all of these facts, a lot of super models around the world came from this city. #AWKWARD

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2.  Kandahar




I am a big fan of music and movies but the reality remains that I cannot deal with terrifying war scenes, which is not for the right cause but selfish reasons.  Thus, this part of Afghanistan has a lot of mountains and other parts are known to be very dangerous. It’s has phased out many generations of intellectuals, who in one way or the other have created more fear in the hearts of travelers in that part.

3.  Haiti




The world would keep praying for this city, day in day out as they are faced with the dangerous crisis every time, the earthquakes have really changed the city leaving thousands of people homeless and helpless, besides who wants to help someone, when everyone is been affected. It is regarded as one of the largest slums in the northern hemisphere; this is a place that the media has no false story to tell rather than as people for help.

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4.  Ciudad Juarez




There have been a number of painted lies about this place over the years but here is what I know for certain, this place is covered with a lot of people who do not know what they are doing, that would include, Drug lords, criminal experts, the United States government and the populous which would be the poor people. Here couple of people dies every day for the mistake of others and this is really sad.

5.  Liberia




Do not go to this place. You just be in the middle of the desert storm, between those who are highly racial and the others who are just there to hate. You do not have light and water is just the least of your worries, in as much as we would fail to admit this, they are more than 80,000 people in this slum who face this challenge every single day, if we cannot help out those in need, I have no idea why we have a government.

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6.  Yemen




Have you heard of the term “CHILD BRIADS”, if you have I must say congratulations to you. This is one of the most notorious cities on the surface of earth, they have been in such a way that they act on their own terms and the government has no say in it. They are groups of terrorist who are permitted to carry guns and other arms as they please; this is totally up to them. Don’t think you want to be here, please look for a better place and save yourself.

7.  Rio de Janeiro




So excited about the name yet? Then you should look into it again, the city has a lot of great qualities and that you should know already, the Olympic Games took place over there and thousands of individuals came out to help the city in its celebration, that doesn’t stop the city from been dangerous, although it is now under some level of control, we can tell for certain that changes would still take place.

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8.  Republic of Congo




When we calculate the history line, we can tell that they have been a lot of great men who stood for something, visiting this city and that includes the match between the Great Ali and Foreman; this was one of the most anticipated match of all time. In as much as we have gotten these facts, there are still some things that are not in place, such as the high rate of corruption and other dangers that may arise.

9.  New Guinea




I remember wanting to learn diverse languages as a child, and today I figured out that there is a country that has over 820 languages in it, this is really huge. Despite these fact they city is known for its high rate of rape, murder and other sexual transmitted disease. You might not like it but the facts are right and we cannot utter this.

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10.  Zimbabwe




First and foremost you must know that this country is poor, that been said let’s move on to the other parts of the city. Well it happens that is the only problem of the country as a whole, I know you would be angry about this but there is nothing that can be done if their president doesn’t see the wrong in it.