Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2015

DJs or disk jockeys are known to drop the sickest beats and host the best parties in town. DJs are the most needed people in house parties to rave. DJs are also deemed the superstars of tomorrow. But being a DJ comes with a lot of criticism, many people complain that the only thing that they do is press the play button. But this is not at all true. It takes a lot of skill to become a DJ, no one can learn this craft overnight just through YouTube. These days, with the growth in technology DJs are highly benefitted. This technology has enabled them to explore more types of sounds which in turn helps them create a wide array of good quality music Women are not so popular in the DJ industry. Recently, there have been rising number of female DJs who spice up the party with their sizzling figures and gob smacking beauty.

Here is a list of 10 hottest female DJs of 2015:

1.  Seherezade




Though she is new to the DJ scene, Seherezade has taken the world by storm. Her curvy and almost perfect figure attracts a lot of people on the dance floor. She also began to model last year and her charming personality is a huge bonus. Her skills are also way above average. She is by far the best female DJ that exists. She is from Romania.

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2.  Juicy M


Juicy M


She is the most popular DJ in Ukraine and her name suggests how juicy her body is! She is more than successful in the industry and her hot appeal has brought a lot of attention even in the modelling industry. When interviewed, she said being a DJ was always her dream and she will stick to her passion for many more years to come.

3.  Anne Teri


Anne Teri


Yet another Ukrainian on the list, she also once walked the ramp for Victoria Secret. She is popular for her slow and chill-step music genre. She only performs at VIP clubs and parties, her natural beauty has certainly got the attention of the rich and famous.

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4.  Lisa Kensington


Lisa Kensington


Lisa is a versatile New Yorker. She is a singer, model and a DJ. She started off as a model in New York and later followed her passion of mixing tapes.

5.  Tenashar




Tenashar is a renowned DJ is the eastern side of the world. Her petite and curvy body goes well with her cute expressions. She loves oriental and Spanish music and has made many mixes of them. Her works are famous not only in her home town Singapore, but also in Spain.

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6.  Rhiannon




This tall American took clubbing to a whole new level. Her dressing sense is perfect for partying and her taste in music is great. Looking great while raving is not an easy job but she makes looking good seem too damn easy!

7.  Mari Ferrari


Mari Ferrari


Best example of Russian beauty, Mari is not only a DJ but also an actress. She worked in the famous TV show Homeland. She tours the world performing and her fame has skyrocketed recently.


8.  Deborah De Luca


Deborah De Luca


Italy is not only famous for pizza but also for designer fashion clothing. Deborah, a true Italian beauty started her career as a fashion designer. Later her love of music drove her to master becoming a DJ. She has performed in a variety of local Italian house parties and shows.

9.  Amely




Yet another Ukrainian beauty, Amely is one of the earliest female DJ. She looks good all throughout the party and is also a well talented artist. She works as a part time model also. Her taste in music reflects her energetic and bubbly character.

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10.  Bani




India is most known for Bollywood films and music in the films. DJ Bani is an eye catching beauty from India. Her career started with modelling and later got to act in many Bollywood movies. She is very concerned about her body figure and works out more than 3 hours every-day to retain her nearly perfect shape!