Top 10 Infamous Prisons in the World

Most people have more than one face. Some people have a good side and a bad side. Situations which spontaneously occur in life is the best way to judge a person’s character. Indecent acts are punishable by law. People who commit such acts are imprisoned to be taught a lesson.  Prison seclusion usually makes a person realise his mistake, most prisoners released have a determined mind to change themselves for the betterment of their social status. But many prisoners don’t survive through prison due to poor hygiene or disease outbreaks, others commit suicide to put an end to their misery.

Here is a list of the most infamous prisons in history:

1.  Camp 22, North Korea


Camp 22, North Korea


The notorious concentration camp recently gained international attention. The prison has been in operation since. The walls guard over 50,000 prisoners. Three generations of the prisoner’s family are also imprisoned. The prisoners are used as lab rats to test North Korea’s biological weapons and also face brutal torture.

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2.  Al Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arabia


Al Ha’ir Prison, Saudi Arabia


This is deemed the worst prison in central Asia. Inmates are tortured on a regular basis and most of them ultimately bleed to death. When the inmates protest, the guards execute them. Many foreign nationals are imprisoned here for their wrong deeds. In 2003, a major fire killed 70 inmates.

3.  La Santé, Paris


La Santé, Paris


Santé in French translates to health, ironically, but the prison consists of overcrowded cells filled with rats and lice. Many people lose their minds in confinement. In 2002, 122 inmates committed suicide. Next year, 82 more ended their lives by swallowing drain cleaners. The prison is the worst place for a prisoners’ mental well-being.


4.  Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey


Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey


Reports claims that the prison performs the most number of Human Right Violations per prisoner. Apart from mental, physical and sexual torture the prison also houses young children. Not even the children are ignored from such treatment.

5.  Kamiti Prison, Kenya


Kamiti Prison, Kenya


The prison spans across 1200 acres. Most of the land is dry and empty with security guards roaming the area in disguise. Torture is common treatment in the prison. Many inmates are beaten to death. Poor hygiene is maintained throughout the prison. Cholera, malnourishment and ulcers are considered normal.

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6.  Butyrka Prison, Russia


Butyrka Prison, Russia


It is the largest prison in Moscow. In its hay day it held over 20,000 inmates. Space was a luxury. Cells made to fit 10 people were filled with 100. Many prisoners ended up suffocating or getting tuberculosis. Mass executions are a common sight here. Anyone who protests are executed on the same day.

7.  Nairobi Prison, Kenya


Nairobi Prison, Kenya


Designed for 500 prisoners, the prison usually houses 3,000. Overcrowding is the biggest issue here. It is considered the most congested prisons in the world. Common problems include poor sanitation and malaria. The cells are filled with human excreta and the whole air is filled with a filthy stench.

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8.  Petak Prison, Russia


Petak Prison, Russia


Also known as Russian Alcatraz, the prison is situated in the middle of a lake, isolated from any civilization. Inmates are left in chilly cells with no access to lavatories. Most prisoners end up freezing to death. Escape from here is impossible as the surrounding lake has a thin sheet of ice all throughout the year. When the inmates suffer from hyperthermia, no treatment is provided.

9.  Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand


Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand


Rumours state that the prisons are forced to wear leg irons for the first three months, later it is permanently welded onto the prisoner’s skin. It is the most brutal prison in South Asia.  Most people here suicide as they lose their mental stability within one month. Many cells are filled foreign prisoners.

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10.  La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela


La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela


It has gone down in history as the most brutal prison in South America. Prisoners here are ignored. The cells still have dirt left behind from the previous inmates. In 2003, Cholera wiped out half the prisoners. Competition for survival here is fierce. Inmates use daily objects found in their surrounding as weapons to fight for food. Sanitation is non-existent.