Top 10 Inspirational Books On Musician

Pop stars are immortal. They have not only been immortalized in their music. There are various books that will tell you about their lives, their work and their visions. Below is a list of the top 10:

1.  Before You Judge Me Try Hard To Love Me

Written By:  Subina Giulietti

About:  Michael Jackson



This is obviously the book just about the star of century. This book takes the journey from 2009, the year Michael Jackson passed away. The writer was flabbergasted by the way Michael Jackson has lived his life. He was looking for spirituality, was tried and acquitted of child molestation, his dream world achieved at his Neverland Ranch. Jackson was in his lifetime a myth, so was worshipped by his fans as a messiah.

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2.  Breakfast With Mick Jagger

Written By:  Nathalie Kuperman

About:  The singer of the Rolling Stones and a Girl



A 13 year old girl is deranged about sex symbol Mick Jagger when he was just 33 years takes us to 1976. The book demonstrates the tale of Rolling Stones singer about an absolute womanizer and his several affairs. Girl alone just to understand that there is the same, from Mick Jagger. It is the loss of sexual assault, the girl could not find a man in his feelings.

3.  Mr. Pink Floyd

Written by:  Michele Mari

About:  Syd Barrett



Barrett was a songwriter and also a guitarist, unfortunately in the late 1960s, he had to quit based on having issues within the group. Mari makes this story a type of positive trashy novel. All agreed on the truth that Barrett was a genius, without which it would hardly been easy to portray Pink Floyd so beautifully. He continues to be in their souls, despite that he was no more a part of the band.

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4.  The Year Of The Miraculous Elvis Propagation

Written by:  Georg Meier

About:  A Convict and an Impersonator Elvis



Thrilling story been put into effect in the year 1977 and Hans Lubkowitz boiling is cleared out from prison after 7 years in the German Autumn. Elvis Presley had died 7 days before. But it’s the mind laughing, precisely RAF (Red Army Faction) terrorist, heroin glut, there is rising unemployment, as well as developing that incredible number as special immigrant.

5.  Tattoos And Tequila

Written by:  Vince Neil

About:  One of Rock’s Most Notorious Front Men



How untamed is untamed? Vince Neil Wharton in the 80s glam rock band Motley Crue still seems to be able to sit down on a rock on the stories. A womanizer, alcoholic, a drug addict – he implements the clichés of rock ‘n’ roll world. His divorce, the death of my daughter as well as her best friend the most tragic events and low points of their lives. He tried his hand as well as in business: a tattoo parlour, a distillery and even their own airline.

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6.  Popular Music From Vittula

Written by:  Mikael Niemi

About:  The Beatles and Young Swedes



Only an extremely productive novel as an album by the Beatles. “Vittula of Popular Music” Sweden blew the numbers of all sales in several other European countries. Right here, an album “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, played a decisive part in the Beatles. Which strikes similar to a bomb. Matti formed a band with his acquaintances. “The Vittula of Popular Music” a wonderfully tragicomic love messaged to pop music, experience the power as well as the most effective band of all time.

7.  The Stones We Ourselves

Written by:  Zepp Oberpichler and Tom Tonk

About:  The Stones from Kohlenpott



Wonderful Earring is formed, Jim Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Dr. Feel good is one of the well-known 60s and 70s after a song by the band, happened with cover version of songs the band in 1983 Oberpichler beer. Sex and marriage to a book character, Theo newspaper articles, which his father knows just read it. Theo with volunteer’s team, starting with the “silence” (a band) under the theme: Hit! Party! Girl! Madhouse!

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8.  Lennon Is Dead

Written by:  Alexander Osang

About:  John Lennon and Growing up



Alexander Osang’s rousing and moving novel is the story of a young man who takes a glance under the plane of life for the first time. He is entranced by his desires – with uncovering the real life. Shortly, he is convinced, the brilliant musician leads him to afterlife messages then his life starts to intensify. The big pop star gives him the driving force to understand the whole life. He Studied Journalism and was given birth to in Germany, 1962.

9.  City of Light: The Last Days of Jim Morrison

Written by:  Philip Steele

About:  The Death Of A Musician



What exactly is certain is returned by the end of his profession with American singer and poet from North Africa and lung problems been the victim of asthma complaints in the last months of his life in Paris. Even what used to compose the music of Jim Morrison did not actually know what Philip Steele, has created great evil within the mysterious game. He is obviously the last phase as if these characters may appear in the minds, or as they quite simply had always been there. As a result, the novel presents a crystal clear, colour cloth, but all speculation. Book without a doubt can be referred to as a novel.

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10.  Wonderland Avenue: A Rock ‘N’ Roll Saga

Written by:  Danny Sugerman

About:  A Drug Addicted Music Producer



The epic tale of a producer, Danny Sugerman shortly after Jim Morrison called the doors of production. This is just the commencement of Beverly Hills monotonous as it could introduce some speed through rebellion initially reluctant, he was deep into drug addiction for several years. Iggy and the rest of the familiar analogy of friendship with pop legend. This rock ‘n’ roll with numerous sex, drugs and glamour. It is surprising, in this book is how it operates honest Sugerman. He really wants to move away from drugs but the doctor tells him: “If you continue to use drugs, you surely will die, and if you suddenly stop them, it will lead to your death.”