Top 10 Interesting Creatures From Japanese Folklore

1.  Katakirauwa




The creature is a baby piglet’s ghost it has fiery red eyes, one ear, hops like a rabbit but without a shadow. The katakirauwa takes refuge in large cities and feeds on human soul; that’s quite interesting.

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2.  Hanako-san




Ever heard of a spirit of a little girl named Hanako-san murdered during World War II?  The creature is believed to still haunt Japanese schools till date.

3.  Akaname




The Akaname , a small sized (yet long and four legged) creature with sticky tongue, and has red for a body color known  for housing in dirty bathrooms where it usually licks up filth and dirt as it distributes diseases wherever it camps.


4.  Goryō




Literarily, ‘Goryo’ means ‘honorable spirits, however, the creature is believed to be the spirits of dead powerful lords who comes only for the purpose of vengeance upon whoever must have wronged them. The creature is believed to be very powerful and can be tamed only with the help of yamabushi who would perform rites and rituals to tame the creature.

5.  Binbōgami




This creature is known to be a kami or god who possesses a person or his house with the aim of bringing misery and poverty, there is a ritual that is performed to send this creature away from around a place.

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6.  Bake kujira


Bake kujira


The bake kujira is referred to as a ghostly whale’s skeleton which professionally haunts no other places but the Japanese coastline. A myth has it that this is a spirit of a disgruntled whale murdered by fishermen while another simple has it that the creature is a god. However, the creature always appears with unknown fish and birds on foggy nights, doesn’t attack human but bring bad luck.

7.  Jubokko




Jubokko is one of the vampires like creatures represented in the Japanese folklore, call it the most bizarre then you might not be wrong.  Jubokko is simply a blood sucking tree believed to have once been located on battlefields and having grown to love the taste of blood from their constant feeding on the field so much that jubokko will attack and suck bloods of innocent human passing by with the aid of its branches, not certain if it can be killed but this creature bleeds human blood when split opened.

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8.  Ubume




Believed to be the ghost of a pregnant woman who must have passed on previously before (or at) childbirth, bearing capability of transforming into beautiful young girls or ugly old women on dark, stormy nights, wailing and carrying baby-like objects in their arms. Whoever offers help to an ubume with the hope of helping with her child will not survive as she will vanish thereafter with the object weighing heavier by the minute; the Good Samaritan is condemned to death after a while.

9.  Kasaobake




How do you explain a one hundred year old umbrella transforming into a ghost after it one hundredth birthday? Unfortunately, this is the tale behind Kasaobake, the creature is assumed to have transformed from been an ordinary umbrella into a one wooden legged, an eyed (or two), and a crazily long tongued ghost known to trick, prank or resentfully attack its former owners.

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10.  Umibozu




This interesting creatures thought to be spirits of the drown priests from Japanese folklore, though believed to be a human like sea creature with a funny feature of a dark skin (unlike mermaids) nobody ever wants to come in a close range contact with Umibozu (which literarily means sea monk) because of the deadly nature anyone who does so automatically inherits as a ill fate. The Umibozu is believed to be extraordinarily large planning his appearance abruptly on calm nights on the sea with its main aim nothing but to cause a shipwreck. An umibozu is believed to always ask a barrel from a ship’s crew while a crew is advised to give it a barrel without a bottom that way the ship can escape.