Top 10 Interesting Facts About Taj Mahal

1.  The Hole


the-hole Taj mahal


It is known that there is a hole on the ceiling just above the tombstone at the main hall, according to the works and history, it is said that this is as a result of the artisan who chose to  sabotage Shah Jehan’s proposed dream of creating what is known as the masterpiece, this was just after he came to know about his decision to amputate all the artisans arms. In summary the Taj is not as perfect as it is mostly said.

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2.  Different Colors




As it is popularly known by many, it is said that the Taj Mahal takes on different colouring at various hours of the day, as it differs we can tell that the beauty comes out best, just as we have the pinkish colors at most times, the milky white comes out during the early hours of the evening, and the golden color pops up at night giving it a very cool presence, just as we have the various moods of the female gender.

3.  World War II


Taj mahal was covered and protected with bamboo during world-war-ii


There is always an history with the unchanging reign of this place, it has helped and served its time during the period. One of the most majestic man made creations was covered with a huge scaffold as far back as the 20th century leaving it to look like a pile of bamboos to those who wanted to bomb it out of existence, this was during the India- Pakistan war where it was covered and protected with a green cloth.

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4.  Shah Jehans




You must have wondered what the reaction of the Sheh Jehans holding what we know to be the great Taj, well it is a mansion that has a theory of taking away anything that feels unclean, that is simply saying that if you are guilty and you find your way to this mansion, you are as good as new, everything that was written about you is re-written. The mansion has its benefits and one of it is the fact that you have absolute protection.

5.  Earth Quarks




This mansion was created in a way that really has stunned the world, it is as amazing as it sounds and the fact about this is true in every word written about it. The minarets were built tilting outward to protect the Taj from calamities just as the earth quarks, if you look closely you would find out that they have just minarets tilting outward of the main tomb, just in case of natural disasters.

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6.  The Sell of Taj Mahal




When you look at this amazing work of art, you just may have called it priceless with everything well written out, you would be amazed how the Taj Mahal has been sold repeatedly by Natwarlal, he is known for having a temple in his name, at the later part of his live most members of his village created a statue of him as his monument at the place where his house once stood.

7.  Yamuna River




This is one place that has really helped the Taj Mahal Mansion which is created of a wooden foundation, yes a wooden foundation. Your guess is as good as mine, how come the building hasn’t collapsed over the years? Well this is very simple, in as much as we do not want to admit to this, the Yamuna River which the mansion is been created on, has been able to preserve the live span of the mansion lasting more.

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8.  Interior


interior taj mahal


The interior of the Taj Mahal is highly concentrated with the best of materials you can find around the world, due to the fact that the stones used are precious the mansion has been violated several times, but in the nineteenth century everything was restored back to place. All materials used in building this mansion were sourced from various parts of the world including India, China Tibet and others.

9.  Budget


budget taj mahal


So many at times we question the expense rate and why it is important that such amounts are been spent on matters of this kind, well you must know that this building cost over 32 million Rupees during its early years in other to get this amazing work of art and today it is valued over $1.2miillion.

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10.  Visits


visits taj mahal


In the annual record, it has an estimated number of 1200 people visiting the Taj Mahal every year. It is one of many wonders of the world.