Top 10 Internet Hoaxes Almost Everybody Believed

1.  The Blair Witch Project -1999


The Blair Witch Project -1999


The Blair Witch Project released as a movie in the year 1999 was nothing but a fiction only that the marketers of the movie was very smart at making people believed the movie was actually a real life project instead of what it originally was ( a piece of fiction) this really sold out although it was a hoax.


2.  Kremvax -1984


Kremvax -1984


We can officially declare this as one of the oldest Internet hoaxes, this was perpetrated by no other but a member of Usenet in the year 1984 when he created a controversy through his announcement that the Soviet Union would be coming together with Usenet. Security concerns and hostilities wouldn’t have made this happen for real, and weeks after, the news was declared a hoax.

3.  Bigfoot’s Body -2008


Bigfoot's Body -2008


In 2008, a set of hoaxer (later condemned to be con artist) made California Bigfoot enthusiast pay them $50,000 & the media believe they had found a Bigfoot’s body after getting an elaborate press focus with coverage from mainstream news outlets including CNN. Picture of the (refrigerated Bigfoot costume or) supposed Bigfoot body spread on the web, the hoax got massive coverage.

The buyer later discovered they had paid for nothing but a chilled costume. The hoax was discovered and the perpetrator; two Georgia men (including a police officer) were made to face the wrath of the law.

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4.  Bill Gates does want to givesome money

Bill Gates does want to give some money


Who doesn’t want money? Though it was of a truth that Bill Gates had planned to disburse some cash to a set of people through his foundation ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’ what was a hoax was a circulating email that makes you believe as a receiver that a beta test for an email tracker which was Microsoft-powered email would bring you money as you send the mail to others (creating a chain). This hoax which had been in circulation since 1997 is still unbelievably in existence till date.

5.  Lonely girl15 2016


Lonely girl15 2016


Lonelygirl15 though a planned actress’s vlog initially appeared as a real innocent video blog of an American teenager on its first discovery in 2006 however, subsequently, there was a shift in the vlog’s storyline resulting in the disclosure of details  of supposed cult involvements the girl’s family had and a lot of people had it followed and believed.  Months later, the revelation of the hoax was made known as the actress’s name was disclosed yet, the series was popular until 2008 because most people almost believed it all as real.

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6.  The Derbyshire Fairy -2006


The Derbyshire Fairy -2006


The Derbyshire fairy was also an April fool day’s hoax but it wasn’t just a hoax it was an elaborate hoax which prop-maker Dan Baines of Derbyshire actually created. After creating what he made people believed was the corpse of a fairy, he put the props up for sale on eBay as he also did on his website and his site got more than 20,000 visitations within 24hour. Banes later disclosed this was a hoax but fairy believers wouldn’t even accept the truth as it was, they believed it was real and the story was actually covered up with the news been an hoax.

7.  The Internet drunk surfing bill -1994


The internet drunk surfing bill -1994


This was an outrageous prank featured in a PC Computing magazine played by no other but John Dvorak a columnist in the magazine though this prank which birth some controversies was supposed to be an April fool day’s prank. The columnist had speculated according to his hoax piece that the US Congress working on a bill with the date as the file number and the bill was supposedly be one that will make anyone drunk find it illegal to surf on the internet or get involved in any discussion which has to do with sexual topics on a public channel.

The prank went too far as it generated series of angry calls to congress so much that a statement(to deny the rumor)  had to be issued by Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts as he was mentioned to have sponsored the phony bill.

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8.  Steorn Free Energy -2006 / 2007


Steorn Free Energy -2006 and 2007


An Irish company introduced basically as Steorn Ltd in the year 2006 made an announcement of having made a new discovery which would lead to what they called; free, clean, and constant energy against the laws of physics which connotes conservation of energy. The Steorn ltd had also claimed their technology was based on “time variant magnetic interactions,” which is expected to bring revolution to the world but their machine never worked.

9.  Hercules the dog -2007

Hercules the dog -2007


This hoax was pulled using an email also in 2007, the occurrence was to make us believe that a supposed mastiff stood almost at the same height as a horse with a picture as a evidence. The supposed dog was introduced as Hercules claimed to be the largest dog weighing 282 pounds.  Although, there was one Hercules of a dog recognized at a time as the world largest dog, however, it wasn’t the Hercules used in the hoax mail.

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10.  Charge your iPods with an onion -2007


Charge your iPods with an onion -2007


Undeniably the year 2007 was a year of multiple hoaxes and one of these hoaxes was the joke about charging your iPods with onions and a glass of Gatorade. Household hacker, the mostly-joke how-to site pulled a really fast one on almost everyone (including the press) as he hit big time with the video purportedly teaching on how to charge an iPod with an onion and Gatorade, the video went viral, full of nothing but pseudo science that  almost made the idea very real until the bubble got busted.