Top 10 Jobs That Donald Duck Has Attempted

1.  Slave Employee




You would be thinking that animals they do not come up with plans to changing what their financial status would look like well you really have to think again, he was so engrossed in his job that he lost it at some point, were he was brutally strict with his employees and at a time his strictness caught up with him, causing him to hallucinate which later was clear to him that he has just been in bed all day long have a nightmare.

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2.  Construction Worker




After trying couple of jobs you would think that he would go with something really less tasking and great rather in 1954 movie Donald with his crane went around trying to uproot a chip from its natural habitat just so he can create a freeway. This is not even as weird as we thought it would be, he kept on with his normal dress code which was more or less what made him who he is in that act. He has really made a name for himself over the period.

3.  Soldier




This is one role you would not advice your enemy to take, especially when it comes to taking the guns and battling with other nations and well just as we would know it Donald did not look for anything else to do with the rest of his day but to make the worse out of it by been a soldier. He was known as the soldier for the foreign legion, please help us ask Donald what he was looking for that gave him this job.

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4.  Boxer




At the early stages of his life he tried having a great time with the act of boxing and this is why we can see him on his white making his way against his opponent who we are sure would have dealt with him, but as the case may be he is never ready to give up on anything that would give him the desired fame he is looking for, this was odd but yet a source of livelihood. I love his courage to taking on challenges when they look bigger he believed

5.  Circus Employee




He was called upon by a circus group in 1946 he made his way to the top believing that he can handle what was before him the Ajax circus know that he was the only one that could have done the job better, or the way they want it to be, the aim was for him to find Goofy also the wild man in the play who was similar to Tarzan was to come sign a contract with them but this would only be possible if Frank got to them on time.

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6.  Bellboy




As he can be called on time and known for his low temper count Donald finds a job to be a bellboy it is so stunning that the trouble duck became so calm and was able to focus while on this job, he too everything seriously and he was really a changed person. When they had a visitor who was just one hell of a trouble giver this almost ran Donald patience thin, but he had learnt and stayed clam all through.

7.  Airforce




I consider this has one of the most interesting roles he has played in a long time, taking over what we know as the air force plane and making it a place of peace sadly the character only was a potato peeler and he wanted to take over the airplane thinking he could well I cannot really tell the rest tale, just check out what he did next in the animation and you would come back laughing, but can you guess what he did?

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8.  Fire Chief




In a movie role he assumes a role to be the fire chief that was not carried out by only him but him and his nephews, Louie, Dawey and Huey. He is onoe character that would do anything just to get at his nephews and that included snoring, his nephew who was angry had to ring the alarm to force him off bed.

9.  Ghost Buster




You should have an insight of who is called a ghost buster but for the sake of many thst just might not know, who or what that is here you go. A ghost buster is just an individual or group of individuals who spend their life looking for ghost as they have the notion that they really exist, well out friend here wasn’t left out of the scene, Donald in the 1937 cartoon movie, assumes the role of the ghost buster, he was hired to drive ghost from a hunted home.

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10.  Clock Cleaner




In all odd jobs and working alone, the character Donald wasn’t alone on this particular movie, he had his friends with him which were Mickey Mouse and Goof, who joined him in this amazing odd job.