Top 10 Lesser-Known Facts About Animal Intelligence

1.  Fashion Trend




You would not know this am so sure, what we regard today as fashion trend just makes things much easier when you see it amongst chimps, you should know that they have similar qualities as man and would do what it takes to stay on top, they was a time a chimp started putting on leaves around the waist and due to that chimps popularity others copied.

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2.  Dogs And Scents


Dogs And Scents


Often at time we see that dogs are all over their owners, you have to understand that it is due to the fact that they are now accustomed to the scent all over his body, this is what keeps them together and would make them miss their owner when they are away. No matter how far you happen to be, when your dog smells your cologne be sure to know that he would keep running towards you.

3.  Birds Memories




When I first figured that so many birds tend to sing and all, then I had to make this research which shows that when a bird doesn’t sing, it has a high tendency of retaining memories it has gathered over the years, if you look at the life of a parrot, you would know that they have retaining abilities and this is because they watch more and then speak.

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4.  Predicting Ability




At first it was all about humans and their ways of betting or in other words we call it predicting life scores, then it was moved from humans to monkeys and that was discovered that they also possess similar abilities to make choices on what is right and what is wrong, this is really incredible.

5.  Zebra Finch




This is not the first time this is happening and it certainly won’t be the last time it would take place, as you know it zebras have their way of making things look as though they are there but in the reality of it they aren’t, so many of them pull out on this stunt and it shouldn’t be a thing to worry about.

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6.  Fruit Flies




Have you ever heard someone tell you that you need to think before you talk, or do not take actions at certain times? Well that is so true as fruit flies have believed in this for a long time, so at this point they do not just take actions they ensure that their actions are well calculated and then they move. This is the best way to go about things rather than hold on to what their guts tells them.

7.  Elephant Trick




This is really amazing knowing that love is not really a thing for humans alone but also it can be shared by the animals around. This includes elephants who have been able to tell when someone is in distress and they would always come out to meet with them, I love the fact that the Asian Elephant does this.

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8.  Copy Cats


Wolves are better copycats then dogs


I really laughed over this for a long time and till now I just can’t get my heads around it, when you look at the lives of dogs you would think that they can do anything they see people do but that is not true when you check out the lives of wolves you would know that they are one of the greatest copycats ever. This is really funny.

9.  Rats Can Memorize




Despite small you would have heard people say, don’t judge a book by its cover well that is so true, when you look at the rats or mice as most people would call it, you think they do don’t know what they are doing but in reality their brain has a record holder just like that of computers.

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10.  Lemurs




If you haven’t been told to watch the way you keep your things I believe this is the best time to make that clear, so many times we tend to do things the way we want them but right now you have to understand that a large amount of lemurs in a place would take what they want and they would leave without turning back, don’t say you weren’t told.