Top 10 Lesser Known Street Food Cities of the World

A street Food City is a place in where people go in order to enjoy some sites and more importantly enjoy some food. Because of this many of these Street Food Cities have become highly popular. However like all things, some street food cities are under appreciated by the masses. Well here are a list of 10 lesser known Street food Cities.

1.  Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv, Israel


Tel Aviv has very tasty food and a very interesting culture. If you feel hungry here you can  grab a bagel toast, a special type of sandwich or  simply have some Shawarmas.

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2.  Palermo, Italy


Palermo, Italy


Palermo is a part of Italy that displays distinct culture and food practices of its own.The food in Palermo varies from octopus to Pizzas.   Street Food tours are arranged all the time by food fanatics, so that should tell you how good the food is here.

3.  Ottawa, Canada


Ottawa, Canada


When it comes to street food cities in Canada, Ottawa is certainly the place. There are many food trucks and carts, and each of them have a distinct twitter and facebook page, so that one may be able to follow said trucks in the area. They city serves foods such as Salads, Sandwiches,  Sea food,  baked goodies and sell food from countries like Asia and Mexico.


4.  San Juan and Luquillo, Peurto Rico


San Juan and Luquillo, Peurto Rico


San Juan and Luquillo have a lot of food stands one can eat at, many with great foods that will make your mouth water. From the sandwiches to sweet Peurto Rican pastries , The food options here are endless. On the beach side they serve heavenly sea food such as  Alcapurrias and Bacalaito.

5.  Calcutta, India


Calcutta, India


Calcutta India has a strong culture, especially when it comes to food. One of the unique features of this city is the fact one can always find street food vendors. The street food in Calcutta is so good, countries like china have been influenced by it.  Foods to try here include  Phuchkas ,Churmur, Telebhaja, Jhalmuri , Delhiite, Chola ,Batora, and more. Calcutta, India is surely great for those looking for new foods to try.

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6.  Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik, Iceland


Iceland isn’t just popular for is geysers anymore. On the food street in Reykjavik, Iceland , the capital will be able to fill your stomach.  The food street is best known for the Baejarin’s Beztu which has earned its name owing to its enormous hotdog sale. Many famous people, including Bill Clinton, has eaten here.

7.  Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne, Australia


In the land down under,  food trucks can serve food you can swoon over without burning a hole in your pocket. This place is Melbourne. Here you can choose between the many food options that are sure to fill your stomach. The food trucks here sever food  like Traditional Greek food, gourmet pizzas, South African bunny chows, Ugandan Rolex, burgers, tacos and much more. It also holds a food festival, so you can come down there then if you want.

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8.  Cartagena, Colombia


Cartagena, Colombia


Latin American holds a walled city known as  Cartagena, and it is the hotspot for those with an adventurous appetite. The food is sold  on wooden carts, small kiosks and mobile grill tops to exhibit their quality. The food here is great and exotic, so if you must if you go to Cartagena try as much food as you can.

9.  Xian, China


Xian, China


Xian is located on the eastern end on what is known as the silk route. This commercial route had brought  tradable goods to the city.the food of Xian has many flavors, ranging from the Central Asian to East European flavours. Foods sold in Xian include  homemade yoghurt, honey, honey date cakes, tofu, and lamb on a stick.. tying these foods can help you understand how different they are from other parts of china.

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10.  Osaka, Japan


Osaka, Japan


Japan has strict attention to quality of food, it is not you can expect an quality meal when you come down. Osaka, on top of having great food,  is not very expensive, so you can save money for a great meal. Osaka is also known as the countries kitchen. Sushi, Sea Urchin, Baby Octopus  are some of the few dishes you can try while visiting Osaka.