Top 10 Life Changing Memoirs That You Must Read

1.  Ulysses S. Grant


Ulysses S. Grant


This is considered the biggest literary achievement by the United States president, this memoir would give you an insight of the great work carried out by Grant as the only military bull and political failure and he brought the country to its victory. You need to get this and learn fascinating facts about Grant, I am sure you would be thrilled just as I was while I went through this.

2.  Angela Ashes


Angela Ashes


Thinking I had my fair share of childhood not until I came in contact with this, this is tough. You really need to get a copy of this, it is not better than what most of us have faced but it is extreme and I feel, this is deep and has so many meaning to it, I can’t get enough of this as I keep looking into the life of the Irish Catholic childhood. I don’t know if this is same in other places but the writer Frank McCourt did great too letting this out.

3.  Unstill Life


Unstill Life


The fascination of art is one of the best things that can happen to anyone, it gives and incentive into the mind of the artist, you always want to know what made that possible and why that happened. This brings us to Selz the daughter of the curator of modern art, she loves it and tried to create her space in the world, she pretty much wants to leave a mark; she faced a lot of emotional challenges. Get a copy and you would know more.

4.  Losing Amma, Finding Home


Losing Amma, Finding home


This is one about love and loss, it is has a bittersweet story. Girish is a girl would love life but in the end, life had to take away her most valued possession which was her mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It contains informative messages that would enlighten every individual, the sadness showed, isolation and bitterness but yet she did not give up. Until we come to peace with ourselves who can never know what it means to be home, this was one lesson I learnt from it.

5.  Walden




This may sound weird but note the writer himself is weird, he went ahead to say “I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately” take a minute or two and think on this. Well I know you just did, if you are honest with yourself, you would know the true meaning of Walden and why the writer went far to putting this out. He makes you understand the true meaning of inspiration in the natural.

6.  Long way 


Long way gone


This is one book that makes us see what a child who is gentle is capable of doing when he is forced against his will, the book talks about a 13-year-old who joined the civil force due to the condition he found himself in, Sierra Leone is one place that changed lives of the young. Parents should know that their boy child who is humble is not foolish, but in control, he has got a beast in him which he would unleash if you are not careful. War is bad and has not helped anyone.

7.  Night




It is a question of the mind, where what you believe in could be in doubt for so long, and this story is one that would give you deep thoughts. As a child death is one fear but when you get older your level of acceptance would increase, knowing that it would occur someday. Sadly not in the case of young Wiesel, who survived death, in this thought, he questions the god he had believed in for so long, with questions like “Why did the holocaust still happen?”

8.  The Moral Basis of Democracy


The Moral Basis of Democracy


Looking to change some confidence in your relationship with individuals? Get a copy of this concise book by Eleanor Roosevelt who wrote it while she was the first lady of the United States of America, you must understand the importance of love and faith rather than hate and fear, this book indeed was and is the game changer of all time.

9.  All Creatures Great and Small


All Creatures Great and Small


This one book is the smile therapy you have been looking for, don’t worry about what happened and what went wrong or right, when you understand the power of animals you would be the force to put out some grins.

10.  West With The Night


West with the Night by Beryl Markham


 This book is beautifully written and you would be proud to be a writer after reading it.