Top 10 Life-Threatening Journeys Made By Kids to Go to School

1.  Sumatra




I just guess that the government of this country should be check mated over the risk he has put this children through in Indonesia, how on earth do they get fearless?

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2.  Understudies of Pili




China despite its outstanding population has refused to take human lives more preciously than any other nation in the world. Towards the start of the team the school authorities go to an exceptionally remote town to escort over 80 offspring to the town on an existence undermining 125 mile venture through the mountains.

3.  Cilangkap




Welcome to Indonesia, this is another place where things happen and yet no one is talking about it, children lives matter and they are endangered due to bad governance and poor human care, you see in Cilangkap, they are children who would have to travel to school daily on the lake with a door as their major means of movement, this is highly risky but yet parents would have to allow their children due to societal factors.

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4.  Colombia




It is said that children are permitted to fly over the Rio Negro River with steel links one end of the river to the other. This can be located at the Bogota 40 miles southeast of the capital around the same place is layed a dwelling place for couple of families. The link is suspended over 400m off the ground, which below is a thundering stream and are of 800 meters in length.

5.  Zhang Jiawan Village




This is one place in Southern China, just like every other place in the world they are faced with their own challenges. Here the Younger  needs to climb various wooden steps that appear to be totally unsecured in the process, the aim of this is to ensure that they get to school. Education has really taken its turns and has created risk in the lives of so many around the world, well this is not the first and won’t be the last.

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6.  Offspring of New Delhi




This is the most populated country after the Republic of china, as we know it the level of work force would increase and output would be more. United Nations evaluates that India could overwhelm China in the coming year 2030, well we cannot tell how true this would be but the fact remains that children need a place to study and if the environment is not conducive the level of output would be low.

7.  Offspring of Lebak




Indonesia has done it again, keeping many at risk without the words of the media, this is just one place that would scare you not to speak of the lives of children involved. This is the suspended strapped bridge which was created to aid individuals’ move from one part of the country to the other part of the country, you would be amazed that this bridge has cut on one side leaving it hanging with the other side, can you imagine what could happen?

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8.  Children of Zanskar



This is mountain place where a school is located and as we know it education is essential for what we do, but is it really worth the risk? Well in some part of India they believe in needing something and going for it, on a daily basis children have to trek their way down to class, the hazard level is really high and children tend to hurt theirselves most of the time while going to school most of which fall into the freezing water underneath the ice.

9.  Offspring of Gulu




Welcome to China! This is another town that has created something out of nothing, here we can tell the creative ability of the people within the area, Gulu is situated at the remote overhanging bluff of Dadu River Canyon, its general population are said to have a place with Yi ethnic gathering. It is a beauty to behold and the best was really gotten off from the site.  The street to class is not the best but it always would be ventured.

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10.  Offspring of Meghalaya




How would it be having to visit a place with over 475 inches downpour every year, personal I would find that fun to visit and this would keep me on my toes. I introduce you to Offspring of Meghalaya which is the wettest spot on the planet. Over the years individuals around and within have come to a conclusion that they should make the area more of a tourist attraction and that’s is what is happening now.