Top 10 Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites

It is a herculean task trying to compile a list of the top ten airline cabins and suites, still, someone has to take up the task of compiling the list. Ranging from the aisle access, configuration of the seat and privacy of the suite we take a critical look at the top ten cabins and suites.

1.  Singapore Airlines


Singapore Airlines


With prices for the first class cabin ranging from $5500 to $23000 USD you can expect to experience state of the art facility. The ultimate luxury and comfort aboard the Singapore airlines can only be experienced on the Singapore airlines. With  a very expensive spa facilities, a lucrative liquor bar and an amazing privacy to mention a few. The food served on board are nothing but the best with a lot of entertainment options available, boredom has no room on the  Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Frankfurt- JFK.

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2.  Etihad Diamond First Class


Etihad Diamond First Class


With the fare for first class seat varying from $600 to $1500 USD you can expect to experience a luxurious flight when you travel on the first class cabin of Etihad airline. With the words “FROM ABU DHABI TO THE WORLD” inscribed on the outer portion of the airplane. Passengers are welcomed on board with Belgian chocolate gift box. Almost all varieties of food can be found on the menu.

3.  Emirates First Class Suites


Emirates First Class Suites


Emirates cabins are larger when compared to cabins of contemporary airlines. Amenity kits by BULGARI are also made available to the passengers. A wide range of assorted meals are also available to the passengers delight. There is also a separate liquor area equipped with assorted wines and a wide range of other alcoholic drinks.

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4.  ANA First Square


ANA First Square


Even though the suites here offers less privacy as compared to emirates. There are long walking way and spacious area. The desserts on board are awesome with full course meal that can be chosen from the menu. Cardigan and pyjamas are also offered to passengers.

5.  Qatar Airways Business Class


Qatar Airways


Though there is no concern for privacy with two adjacent seats provided in the first class cabin. There is a huge LCD screen provided for each seat for entertainment purpose. The cabins are nicely decorated, neat and spacious though the bathroom is a little bit small but it is still perfect. The bar on the business class cabin is also eye catching.

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6.  Air France A380 First Class


Air France A380 First Class


The air France has a limited space of just 9 seats in the first class cabin, with some being single while some has adjacent seats. The seats can be manually and easily controlled. Super headphones are also made available on each seat. Slippers, pyjamas, and amenity kits are also offered to passengers on board. Another point worthy of note is the courteous and friendly approach of their attendants.

7.  Jet Blue Mint Class


Jet Blue Mint Class


Taking a ride on this wonderful aircraft, one would easily attest to the fact that the ride is fantastic. Going through the reviews, one can easily see the awesomeness in this aircraft. The food served on board speaks volume about the luxurious taste the plane possess. A special Mint class is available on trips from New York/Boston to Los Angeles/San Francisco.

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8.  Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class


Virgin Atlantic A330 Upper Class


This can easily be referred to as mini paradise with its shiny interior décor and shiny lightings. The seat functions can be maneuvered manually with a state of the art entertainment department.

9.  Thai Royal First Class


Thai Royal First Class


Be rest assured that when you board the Thai Royal First Class A380 flight, you will enjoy nothing but royal luxury. The first class passengers enjoy spa facility for royal orchid spa which is well known. Luxurious products from Bulgaria are offered to passengers with great touch of orchid. You can watch movies if you don’t feel like sleeping on board. Dom Perignon 2004 champagne drink is also aboard this royal luxurious airplane.

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10.  British Airways First Class


British Airways First Class


The first class cabins of this luxurious Boeing 747-400 airplane is interiorly decorated with blue lights with state of the art furniture. It travels from the city of New York to London. Passengers enjoy amenities ranging from socks, eye glasses sleepers that are all gender specific. The seat might not be that spacious buy can gift a sound sleep for close to 4hours.