Top 10 Markham Attractions

The beautiful town of Markham is a great place to visit when you’re in Ontario with many different attractions to appeal to individuals and families alike. As you plan your visit to this great town, you’ll definitely want to consider the following top ten attractions that Markham has to offer.

1. Toogood Pond Park

Toogood Pond


Considered a landmark, it’s one that you’ll want to visit and take time to walk around the lovely pond, gathering your thoughts as you enjoy the peacefulness around you. While there are years that you can skate and others where it’s not possible, you can still enjoy the beauty of the pond in the heat of the summer or cold of winter, taking in the forested area on the western side. You can enjoy this great place on your own or with your entire family.

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2. Kindred Spirits Orchestra

Kindred Spirits Orchestra


If you want to listen to some great music, you don’t want to miss this orchestra, led by Maestro Alexander. You can spend the entire evening taking in the wonderful acoustics and great melodies as the orchestra takes you on a musical journey through one song to the next. They offer a wide range of musical scores from contemporary songs to traditional chamber music. It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening on your own or with someone special to you.

3. Markham Museum

Markham Museum


Filled with a variety of buildings to take you back in time, you can walk around and enjoy the way of life that was once lived by the town’s pioneers. Just don’t forget to make your way inside as you take in the many displays of the town’s history and its present. You get the full effect of what life was and is like in this great town as you take in all that this museum has to offer.

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4. Whittamores Farm

Whittamores Farm


For a family experience or just one for yourself, you’ll find that the Whittamores Farm is the perfect place to spend several hours while you’re staying in Markham. You can pick your own fruit or choose the ones you like from their market area, whichever one appeals more to you. For the kids, the farm offers a wide variety of fun activities from mazes to wagon rides. If you’re in the area during the fall, your kids will enjoy the ghosts and goblins they have lurking around the place and the plentiful patches of pumpkins.

5. Cedarena



This is one place you don’t want to miss when the winter has set in and the ice is frozen just right. It’s a great time to be had by all with hours of ice skating fun, accompanied by hot chocolate and snacks to keep you and your family fortified for even more skating. It’s one of the best rinks you’ll find in the area as you take in the sturdy yet beautifully formed ice made just for skating. A definite must for anyone that enjoys donning a pair of ice skates.

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6. Pacific Mall Toronto

Pacific Mall Toronto


One of the most popular places to come and shop within the Markham town limits. While it can get pretty packed with visitors, there are plenty of reasons why it’s so popular and busy most days. If you can get their early, you can enjoy an hour or so of quieter times as you take in each and every shop this place has to offer. When you’re needing souvenirs from your time here, you definitely want to stop by here. Also, it’s a great place to shop should you need something during your stay.

7. Reesor Farm Market

Reesor Farm Market


This is one family farm that’s been around for years within the community of Markham and has some of the best produce you can find straight from the farm. If you’re in the mood for some great fruits and vegetables for your next meal or to take home with you, you should definitely consider stopping by Ressor. While the prices can be high on some items, the food offered is the best possible choices you can get when visiting a farmer’s market like this one. They also offer other goods baked and fried from the great foods they offer.

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8. Kids on the Loose Playland & Café

Kids on the Loose Playland & Café


While the name has made a change to Busy Bodies to a transfer in ownership, this new move hasn’t kept this from being a great place to bring your children when they have pent-up energy to expend. You can enjoy the café and all of its great foods and drinks while the kids enjoy all the play areas and wear themselves out. When you need a venue for their birthday party, you can also book one of the party rooms where they can enjoy the place even more with their friends.

9. Epione Massage Therapy Clinic

Epione Massage Therapy Clinic


If you’re finding yourself needing a massage due to back pain or other pains, you don’t want to bypass this clinic. Whether you’ve been feeling the pain for a while or you just need to relieve the pain from traveling, you can find the relief you need within a session or two at this great clinic. You shouldn’t have to suffer from any types of aches or pains while you’re on vacation or if you’re moving here, and you don’t have to be once you visit Epione.

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10. Boston Pizza Major Mac & 404

Boston Pizza Major Mac & 404


While it has pizza in the name, you can find a wide variety of great foods here at Boston Pizza. You will love the atmosphere as you enjoy the food you’ve ordered and the great selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages you can order. They offer some great entertainment as you dine so you’ll find yourself wanting to go back a few times before you leave Markham.

With Markham as your destination, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy as you take in these top ten attractions and more that this great little town has to offer within the borders of Ontario. Whether you’re coming on your own or with your family, your itinerary will be full.