Top 10 Military Men of the American Revolution

In the early 1700s, United States of America consisted of 13 colonies, all of which were under the rule of the British. The rules and restrictions imposed by the British annoyed many Americans and the Americans decided that it was about time they got rid of the British. The British first started to increase the taxes on the American colonies when they noticed the agitated American population. This move caused the Americans to be even more determined to drive away the British from their country. Then the British slowly began amending the constitution and began to strip away the rights of the American population. 1763-1783 was a crucial period in the history of United States. The battle between British and America was in full swing at the time period.

Here is a list of Top 10 Military Men of the American Revolution:

1.  George Washington


George Washington


He played one of the most crucial roles in the American Revolution. His role is the military was very important and his charisma and character helped him become the first president of The United States of America. In his days of the military, he was the best choice for the office of the commander.


2.  Nathanael Greene


Nathanael Greene


Greene was a prodigy, all his military tactics were self-learned and his role in the American army was pivotal for the withdrawal of the British from the South. He worked with his troops from Boston and is the main reason why the South Campaign of the Revolution succeeded. He was also a good friend of George Washington.

3.  Marquis de Lafayette


Marquis de Lafayette


Originally from France, Marquis helped the Americans a lot during the Revolution. He befriended Washington in 1777 on his visit to America. Despite being a French national, he still gained control of a division in the American Army. After fighting in the American Revolution he later went and fought for France in the French Revolution also.

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4.  Henry Knox


Henry Knox


After witnessing his family members losing their lives in the Boston Massacre, Henry was determined to fight the British. He joined the Grenadier Corps. He was a very goof military tactics planner and was the First Secretary of War in the United States of America.

5.  Charles Cornwallis


Charles Cornwallis


Charles is famous for being a coward due to his surrender at Yorktown but he also won several battles including the Battle of Longhorn, Battle of Camden and many more. He also won the battle of Guildford even though he was struggling a shortage of soldiers.

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6.  Israel Putnam


Israel Putnam


This American soldier is very renowned due to his involvement in the Battle of Bunker Hill, he was considered the main force behind the American’s victory in the battlefront. His bravery and strength turned into local folklore.

7.  Nathan Hale


Nathan Hale


Nathan was the youngest captain in the Continental Army. He was disguised as a Dutch school teacher and was heading from Washington to New York but was caught on the way by the British soldiers. He was executed shortly after and regretted that he only had one life to sacrifice for his country. His story was an inspiration to many people in all of United States of America.

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8.  John Paul Jones


John Paul Jones


John joined the army in 1779 and then later shifted to the Navy. He set sail to United Kingdom’s coast and won many battles. His victory provided hope for the Navy.

9.  Tadeusz Kosciuszko


Tadeusz Kosciuszko


This Polish national had come to America because of his fortification skills. His services were praised by Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Most of his contributions are not found in books, he is truly an unsung hero. His walls in Southern United States prevented the British Army to make advancements to Central American cities.

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10.  Benedict Arnold


Benedict Arnold


Arnold was an American but he later fled the United States and fought for the British against his own country. But before he fled, he actually won many battles for the United States and his acts of leadership was crucial. He won the Battle of Bemis and also helped Nathan Hale when in the war zone. His actions convinced the French army to provide support to fight against the United Kingdom’s army.