Top 10 Milton Attractions

Milton is a beautiful town to visit should you find yourself in the greater Toronto area. There are so many places to visit and events held within the town each year that you won’t find yourself bored as you explore each and every one you can. The top ten attractions within Milton that you won’t want to miss can be found below. There’s something within each one that can appeal to anyone.

1. Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake Point


There is a better view than Rattlesnake Point with all of its rocks, forestry, and even cliffs that offer some of the best panoramic views of the area. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of this place on your own or with your family, you’re sure to have a full day as you explore all that this place has to offer. You can bring along a picnic, enjoying a great lunch before heading off to explore some more. You can find a great place to climb the cliffs if you enjoy the challenge or spend the night out camping if that’s what your heart desires.

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2. Hilton Falls Conservation Area

Hilton Falls Conservation Area


If you enjoy a good number of hiking trails and the beauty of nature surrounding you, you’ll find that the Hilton Falls Conservation Area is a good place for you to spend a whole day. You can spend the time on your own, with your family, or even with your pet. There is an admission fee, but not one that’s overpriced to enjoy the beauty of the area. You can visit some waterfalls or make your way to the camp fire area, which is lit during the cooler months so you can warm yourself by the fire.

3. Halton County Radial Railway

Halton County Radial Railway


If you want to see some of the best in historical railways and station house, you can’t pick a better place than the Halton County Radial Railway. You can walk around the railway, seeing the old railcars and other street cars. You’ll enjoy the time you spend here as you pay to ride some of the restored trains and glance through all the displays of the railway equipment. A great way to spend an afternoon with the family as the kids will love the old trains.

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4. Springridge Farm

Springridge Farm


This is one of those great places to visit if you enjoy the idea of farm life and rural living. You can purchase season passes to the Springridge Farm where you can take your kids to enjoy all the fun sights and sounds of the animals and the things they can do while they’re there. You can take tractor rides and play in the giant sandbox on the farm. Try to find your way through one of the many mazes that’s available while you’re here. You won’t believe the fun you’ll have while you’re here.

5. Mill Pond

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You won’t find a more serene place to visit than the Mill Pond. You can enjoy the time you spend here walking along the paths around the pond with someone special or with your family. You can even find yourself sitting on the gazebo, overlooking the pond. You can also find some great rapids to watch as you walk along the 16 miles of creek that leads into the pond. A great place off the beaten path.

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6. Mohawk Racetrack

Mohawk Racetrack


The racetrack is a great place to spend the afternoon if you enjoy watching the races. You can find yourself immersed in this exciting atmosphere where you can bet on your favorites, enjoy some poker and other casino games. You’ll find that the staff is very helpful and the food within the restaurant isn’t too shabby either.

7. Milton Historical Society & Waldie Blacksmith Shop

Milton Historical Society & Waldie Blacksmith Shop


Another great historical site to visit would be the blacksmith shop where you can see how blacksmiths worked over a hundred years ago, crafting the tools of their trade. You can even find some souvenirs for your loved ones and yourself along the way as you walk through the shop. You also want to stop by and check out the other sites held by the historical society so you can check them out as well when you have some free time.

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8. Wildhagens Adventure Gardens

Wildhagens Adventure Gardens


These adventure gardens will keep you and your family busy for hours as you enjoy the animal sculptures, the trails, and miniature displays of villages. Your kids will love the play area within these gardens as they play within the mini grocery store. You can also do some shopping and dining while you’re here. A definite must to visit while you’re in Milton.

9. Scotch Block Winery

Scotch Block Winery


There’s just something beautiful in most wineries you can visit throughout the world, but you won’t want to miss the beauty and ability to pick your own fruits while you’re here. You can walk along the farm that’s situated next to the winery while you sip on several wine offerings they offer. You can also enjoy some other experiences, including some refreshing ice cream or even picking your own flowers on top of the other activities available.

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10. Skedaddle Kids Indoor Play Centre

Skedaddle Kids Indoor Play Centre


If you need a way to distract the younger children, you’ll find that they’ll love this play centre where they can enjoy the indoor playground. A great place to host your young one’s birthday party. You’ll find they offer Wi-Fi for the parents, so they won’t be bored while the young ones play and interact with others in the play area. You can enjoy your young ones will have fun at this play centre compared to others since it’s not meant for older children, who may bully the younger ones.

All in all, you’ll find yourself with plenty to do during your time in Milton. You won’t want to miss any of these great places or others as you enjoy the area and the greater Toronto area. Milton has a lot to offer for those who are single, dating, or have families.